Chu Jiuling used a trick to "scatter the flowers of the goddess", throwing all the arrow feathers into the pot, not only to watch the people present. Zhu Zan was even more shocked. Because this trick was created by Princess Jiu Ling, it is impossible for others to learn it. Such precise and proficient movements are really incredible.

Ning Yunzhao was willing to worship the wind, and his admiration for him grew deeper. Chu Jiuling didn't know Ning Yunzhao's thoughts, so she turned upstairs and returned to the private room, only to see a young servant who looked suspicious and took the initiative to add tea. Just as Chu Jiuling asked who the young man was sent by, Zhu Zan hurriedly found him. Seeing that the young man wanted to escape, he stunned him to the ground with a palm.

As Chu Jiuling closed the window ahead of time, Ning Yunyan was curious about the private room. Although she believed that Lin Jiner had asked her domestic slave to pretend to be a small servant, she did not see a good show on stage and waited impatiently. Lin Jiner couldn't help but went to explore the cause, but when she entered the private room, she screamed screams, attracting the attention of everyone downstairs.

Suddenly, the burly man came out of the box holding Lin Jin'er. Both of them were in disheveled clothes, one with a lewd smile, the other weeping in panic. On the other hand, Chu Jiuling and Liuer came in from the back door on the first floor and broke through Ning Yunyan's design on the spot. Chen Qi immediately shouted when Ning Yunyan harmed others and ultimately harmed himself.

Everyone condemned Ning Yunyan's viciousness, but Zhu Zan stared at Jun Zhen from beginning to end, trying to find the answer he wanted from her face. Song Yunping sent assassins to lurking in the crowd and took the opportunity to take the life of Jun Zhenzhen. Unexpectedly, Zhu Zan came to the rescue in time and suffered some minor injuries.

When the turmoil subsided, Ning Yunzhao personally went to apologize to Jun Zhenzhen, and then went upstairs to scold Ning Yunyan. I never thought that this woman not only knew nothing wrong, but even cried and blamed Jun Zhen. Zhu Zan took the opportunity to ask Jun Zhenzhen about the goddess dispersing flowers. Unexpectedly, Wu Desi suddenly appeared, so he and Zhang Baotang had to hide on the second floor.

Yasijiang Hundred Tigers asked everyone to gather downstairs and line up to walk out of Jinyun Tower in turn. Chu Jiuling knew that Wu Desi had come to catch Zhu Zan, suggesting that Liuer had thrown away the wooden box full of silver. As a large amount of money fell on the ground, everyone scrambled to grab it, and the scene was chaotic. Zhang Baotang suggested that Zhu Zan escape first, but Zhu Zan did not want to harass Jun Zhen, so he did not move.

Wu Desi retreated to gather the people and finally stopped the chaos. Seeing that Chu Jiuling was so calm, Jiang Baihu doubted her and ordered the others to go upstairs and search. Fortunately, at a critical moment, Chen Qi hid Zhu Zan and Zhang Baotang in the private room to avoid a catastrophe. The two also found out that Chen Qi was the young owner of Jinyun Tower. Unfortunately, his father was a gambler, so he sold the old building. Lose.

The matter was over for the time being, Chu Jiuling was in the room to analyze what happened during the day, and it happened that Ning Yunzhao came to see him. From the time when the lanterns met and gave lanterns, until today, when I was playing pot games, Ning Yunzhao thought that Jun Zhen had feelings for him, so he deliberately arranged these occasional encounters, but they did not realize that it was a misunderstanding. Chu Jiuling confessed that he had already let go of the marriage contract, and hoped that Ning Yunzhao would not have too much nostalgia, and at the same time gave Qingli a gift, which was self-evident.

Zhu Zan hid beside him to witness the whole process, and was very satisfied. After Ning Yunzhao left, he asked Jun Zhenzhen again about the dispersal of flowers by the goddess. Chu Jiuling refused to admit his identity, only saying that he and Princess Jiuling would get along day and night and many things would be good. Zhu Zan had no choice but to inform her to go to the counter tomorrow. The next day, the two looked through the ledger together and did not find any important clues. Chu Jiuling was shocked when seeing the seal stamp Zhu Zan handed him, pretending to be calm on the surface, and lied that he had never seen it.

Since Ning Yunzhao confessed that he was rejected, he no longer insisted on this fate, but decided to make Ning Yunyan's marriage first before going to the capital. When Chu Jiuling learned of this, she realized that Ning Yunzhao was advocating justice for her. Fang Cao deliberately arranged for the doctor to go to the house to check Fang Chengyu's pulse on the eve of the wedding, thus creating the false impression that Fang's son was seriously ill to the outside world.

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