Aunt Su and Song Yunping conspired to make a plan to take the life of Jun Zhen so that she would not be pregnant with the sons of the family and ruin the previous plan. News came from the eyeliner sent by the Fang Cao family, confirming that Aunt Su was hiding the evil heart. Since she and Song Yunping are cousins, it means that all the previous accounting problems and the poisoning person are related to these two people.

In the inn, Zhu Zan learned that Lu Yunqi would marry Chu Jiuli in the near future. He couldn't help feeling angry. He ordered Zhang Baotang to send more manpower near the Huaiwang Mansion to ensure the safety of Chu Jiuli. At this time, Lu Yunqi brought his hand-made pastries to the tomb, and talked about his thoughts about Chu Jiuling. He recalled that he was bullied when he was young. Fortunately, she was saved and never forgotten.

Chu Jiuling and Liuer rode out of the city in a horse-drawn carriage. Unexpectedly, they walked halfway, and suddenly found that the horse was frightened and ran forward all the way. Although Chu Jiuling tried to tighten the reins to control her, she had little power and no effect at all. On the contrary, Zhu Zan rushed forward when she saw it, and protected her in her arms in times of crisis, successfully avoiding danger.

Liuer found that Jun Zhenzhen and Zhu Zan knew each other well, so he wanted to pretend to be a stranger, so he guessed that Jun Zhenzhen was doing this to preserve the other party's reputation. This behavior usually means liking. However, Chu Jiuling explained the difference between liking and appreciating, just like her appreciation of Ning Yunzhao's match-up to each other, not the love between men and women.

To be grateful for today's life-saving grace, Chu Jiuling took out sore medicine to Zhu Zan and gave him various instructions. Zhu Zan remembered the news from the capital, and urged Jun Zhenzhen to help investigate De Shengchang as soon as possible. After all, his time in Zezhou is running out and he needs to return to the capital as soon as possible to prevent Lu Yunqi from marrying Princess Jiuli.

Thinking of the previous letter of invitation, Chu Jiuling, accompanied by Liuer, went to Jinyun Tower to find out in person. Sure enough, Ning Yunyan and the others had been waiting in the private room on the second floor for a long time, and they put the drug into the tea in advance. When Chu Jiuling drank the tea and had sex with the man, he lost his innocence in the public.

It's a pity that Ning Yunyan was too conceited and underestimated Chu Jiuling's medical skills, so instead of getting the trick, she asked Liu Er to sign up downstairs to make a fortune for the Ning family. Ning Yunzhao walked with his friends to find some pastime here, and even Zhu Zan was pulled over by Zhang Baotang to join in the fun.

Jinyun Tower can play many games, the most famous one is tossing pots. As for the gameplay, it is nothing more than onlookers betting that they are doomed to win or lose. Liuer reported the names of Jun Zhenzhen and Ning Yunyan to Si She, which is equivalent to a confrontation between the two to determine who wins and who loses. However, Ning Yunyan wanted her brother to challenge her, Ning Yunzhao had to bite the bullet and go on the court amid the urging of her sister and friends.

Seeing that Ning Yunzhao joined the game, the bets came and went one after another, all of them went to Young Master Ning Shi, who didn't care about the strength of this young lady. Ning Yunzhao lived up to expectations and made a six-pot slam. When it was Chu Jiuling's turn to cast the pot, the last arrow was missed.

In the second game, Ning Yunzhao deliberately released the water, he and Chu Jiuling tied, and agreed to play the next game seriously. Everyone bet on Ning Yunzhao again, which was another one-sided choice. Zhu Zan asked Zhang Baotang to bet on Jun Zhenzhen and deliberately raised the bet with Ning Yunyan, directly soaring by five thousand taels. Chu Jiuling saw that he pressed himself by five thousand taels, which shows his tolerance. Don't lose men. Seeing Ning Yunzhao effortlessly throw the twelve pots, Chu Jiuling had a solemn expression. She knew that if she wanted to win this round, she would have to challenge a more difficult pot throw than Ning Yunzhao.

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