In the blink of an eye, it was the night of the Spring Festival. In the past, the Fang family undertook the lanterns, which would occupy the most prominent temple in Zezhou. Now, unlike in the past, they have an extra whole street for Fang Chengyu to watch the lanterns. rare. The group traveled in groups, Fang Cao's smile was happy, a few granddaughters accompanied by his side, and then Yuan and Aunt Su, as well as the accompanying maid servants.

Fang Chengyu has not been out of the house in the past ten years. As a paralyzed man living in gossip, he was worried that outsiders would be cold-eyed at him at first, but the facts were unexpected. Everyone smiled and looked at him. In lantern and guessing games, there is no time to take care of others.

Precisely because of this magnificent scene, coupled with Chu Jiuling's encouragement, Fang Chengyu completely removed his defenses and merged into the laughter. Due to the rush of people on the Long Street, it is easy to disperse. It is like Chu Jiuling was attracted by the distant chess game, so she went to watch in person.

At this time, the black and white two sons on the chessboard were killing it. Ning Yunzhao could not help but remind him when he saw that his companion was in a predicament. As a result, as soon as he spoke, another female voice came from the side. This person was Chu Jiuling. The two made a few moves in the same place, seemingly in a tacit understanding, Ning Yunzhao invited her to move to the side and started a blind chess game that didn't require physical objects.

Ning Yunzhao has mastered chess skills since he was a child, and everyone knows it. But tonight, when he met a strange woman, his mastery lies in thinking three things. Hundreds of sentences were exchanged between each other, and the victory or defeat was undivided. Chu Jiuling's offensive became more and more sharp. Until the end, she took hold of a son and suddenly stopped the game. Instead, the street scene was still prosperous.

Chu Jiuling learned that the man in front of him was Ning Yunzhao, and his feelings filled his heart, especially thinking of his marriage contract with Jun Zhenzhen, so she personally presented the lantern, which was regarded as a substitute for Jun Zhenzhen to celebrate Ning Yunzhao's birthday. At that time, Zhang Baotang dragged Zhu Zan out to watch the excitement. Originally Zhu Zan was not interested, but when he heard that Miss Fang Jiabiao set up a chess game in Qianjie, he suddenly became energetic.

The crowd followed the sound and saw a huge lantern erected behind the person who watched the lantern. The lantern was filled with black and white dice. Because it was not lit, it looked a little dim and shabby when illuminated by other lanterns. Master Lei, the lantern watcher, is a temperamental master. He briefly described the rules to everyone. If someone wants to break the game, he needs to pay twelve silvers and take one step. The lottery of the ticket.

When Liu Er saw the five thousand taels, she knew that Chu Jiuling had gambled on all her wealth and was worried that her basket would be wiped out. However, Chu Jiuling was full of confidence and insisted that no one except her cracked it. At the beginning, just as Chu Jiuling had expected, wave after wave of chess players, no one was able to untie it, but instead it was the silver in the basket, earning more and more.

At this time, another person appeared to dissolve the game. He was Chen Qi, the vendor who sold sugar people on this street. There was not a single word of Dou Da, and no one expected him. After thinking about it, Chen Qi thought for a while, and then dropped his hand, and then the whole chessboard lantern came on, one after another, swaying and spinning, and it was very magnificent.

The people onlookers were shocked, and there was endless noise and exclamation. Seeing Chen Qixin taking away the five thousand silver bills with joy, all kinds of envy and inconceivability. After the Spring Festival, Ning Yunzhao remembered Chu Jiuling, but unfortunately he couldn't find out her name and identity, and regarded the lantern as a treasure.

Liu'er was depressed, but Chu Jiuling expected that there would be an expert behind Chen Qi, so she asked the lamp watcher Master Lei if he ever noticed something strange. When Master Lei recalled the night of the last Yuan Festival, he seemed to see Chen Qi handing out the silver bills to two men, who were not dressed like ordinary people. Armed with this clue, Chu Jiuling took the initiative to find Zhu Zan and broke through him and instructed Chen Qi to crack the chess game. Zhu Zan did not comment, but directly revealed her secret to treating Fang Chengyu, hoping

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