As Fang Chengyu exposed Churang’s crimes on the spot, there was silence in the court hall, and immediately there were countless cold breaths. Even if some old officials were suspicious of the ransom, they eventually hid it in their hearts. A taboo that dare to touch easily.

Now, the truth is clear to the public, but Chu Rang believes that he is in control, even if he does the evil act of killing his brother, he can still sit firmly in the country. He gave the order, and the palace guards rushed in from all directions. Little did they know that Lu Yunqi had already made arrangements. Chu Rang and the guards were defended by the Wude Department. Layers of sharp swords and crossbows made the hall narrow and narrow, but it seemed to be separated by thousands of mountains and rivers.

Lu Yunqi said that he had made mistakes and would not let the old things happen again. Chu Jiuling called Bing'er to show up to testify, not only to identify himself, but also to publicly assassinate the emperor, and his cronies cut off the three counties and increase taxes, and reigned. Everything that Shi did not deserve to be the virtue of the emperor, and the guards also dropped their weapons and no longer maintained it to him.

At this time, the closed gate of the palace isolated the earth-shattering inside, and everything seemed calm from the outside. The guards patrolled outside the imperial city, people walked around in the street market, and vendors hawked them. Only the celestial phenomenon was abnormal, which means that there is a god who is three feet above the head, and the cause and effect will eventually be reported. Seeing that Chu Lang was completely out of power, the Manchu civil servants knelt down and greeted Princess Jiuling back to the palace in unison.

This imperial power that did not belong to the palace change ended quietly, and the Tianyu imperial family returned to peace. Chu Jiuling did not personally kill his father and his enemies, but decided to let him live in the world, suffering from the reproach and condemnation of the people of the world. . After everything was settled, Ning Yunzhao handed the Yuxi to Chu Jiuling. He originally wanted to support Wang Huai as the emperor, but Chu Jiuling felt that Wang Huai was still young, and on Zhu Zan’s proposal, he chose Succeeded by Huang Shuxian Wang.

Lu Yunqi took the initiative to find Chu Jiuling, and Zhu Zan and the others retreated to the side first, so that the two of them could resolve their previous grievances. When Chu Jiuling faced Lu Yunqi, she was still indifferent. On the contrary, Lu Yunqi's gaze towards Chu Jiuling was still so deep, unfathomable and undetectable.

Although Chu Jiuling knew that Lu Yunqi was the Lu Xiaozao she had rescued, the fact that the other party could not be erased was also Chu Rang’s accomplice. The little boy who had no family background to rely on and did not entertain, walked to today with tolerance. Because of the same difference in status, even if he witnessed Chu Lang strangled the first emperor with his own eyes, he chose to ignore it.

Therefore, Lu Yunqi knew that he was very guilty and was willing to pay with his life, but when Chu Jiuling stab Lu Yunqi with a dagger, he did not really pierce his heart. Through this behavior, he broke the past and became a stranger. The punishment for Lu Yunqi is also forgiveness for himself.

In a blink of an eye, the spring scene was in full bloom and early summer came, and there was a burst of joyous laughter from Jiuling Medical Center. Everyone gathered to celebrate. It happened that Ning Yunzhao came to see him at this time and wanted to talk with Chu Jiuling privately. Although Zhu Zan pretended to be generous on the surface, he was still a little jealous, especially after other people's instigation, he found an excuse to sober up, only to see that Ning Yunzhao and Chu Jiuling were playing in the hall, and this was a big stone in his heart and quietly. Retired from the meeting and continued to drink with everyone in the backyard.

It was precisely because Ning Yunzhao knew that Chu Jiuling would follow Cheng Guogong's family to settle in the north, so she came to bid her farewell and hoped to have another game of chess. The black and white pieces on the chessboard have settled one after another, and the two seem to return to the lantern knot that night. The blind chess contest between you and me is the first acquaintance of the interest; the sympathy and cherishment for the confidant, and eventually become an unforgettable bit. Ning Yunzhao was very moved and fortunate that no matter how subtle the game was, there was a time when it came to an end. Fortunately, the game ended to a complete success, and he got up to say goodbye to Chu Jiuling and disappeared at the end of the night.

After that day, the capital was restored to peace. The morning light was bright and the people lived in peace. Amid the noise of the streets and lanes, a group of people went north of the city. Fang Chengyu returned to Zezhou to reunite with his family. Chen Qi and Fang Jinxiu became married and continued to take care of Jiulingtang in the capital. Chu Jiuli and others supported the virtuous king as the emperor, and hundreds of officials headed by the Ning family lined up to worship. After several generations of emperor's palaces, the palace became more majestic and solemn.

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