After a period of treatment, Fang Chengyu's condition gradually achieved results, and he was no longer hanging from life as he did in the past, at least his complexion and appetite were much better. Fang Cao was very pleased and told Chu Jiuling not to be polite in the future, and arranged for her to go to Deshengchang to contact and follow the female relatives to learn to check the accounts.

Chu Jiuling discovered that there was an expenditure that was very strange, and it seemed to be okay at first glance, but if you look into it, you can find clues, which is enough to show that someone in Deshengchang has embezzled the money. In order to avoid being stunned, Chu Jiuling suggested that the two sisters seize the accounts of various branches of Deshengchang on the grounds of accounting, so that there is no need to worry about the information leaking out in advance. people.

Song Yunping, the treasurer of Deshengchang, heard part of the conversation and told the maid to remind Aunt Su to be careful of Jun Zhen. At this time, Chu Jiuling bought a bamboo horse and gave it to Fang Chengyu, and couldn't help thinking of his younger brother Jiu Rong, feeling sad. At first, Fang Chengyu arrogantly refused to accept it. It can be seen that after Chu Jiuling left, she only started to look at it.

Even though acupuncture and food tonic are effective, they are basic therapies after all. Chu Jiuling intends to arrange medicinal baths for Fang Chengyu as soon as possible. Just as she was considering the reasons for her, she happened to encounter the oncoming Aunt Su. Seeing Aunt Su carrying a food box to find Fang Chengyu, Chu Jiuling felt strange, so she reported to Fang Cao in detail.

The eldest lady felt that Aunt Su had a weak temperament and should not be a poisoner, but Fang Cao was knowledgeable and well aware of the unpredictability of people, and promised to send his confidant to stare at each other's movements. Chu Jiuling implored Fang Cao to point out the marriage for her and Fang Chengyu, and announce the marriage to the public. This way, he can hide and help Fang Chengyu take a bath and detoxify. Fang Cao thought that Chu Jiuling had sacrificed too much, and she couldn't bear it after all, but now she had no other choice but to promise to treat her sincerely, in exchange for sincerity.

Chu Jiurong missed her second sister, so accompanied by her eldest sister, he built a small boat for worship. The brothers and sisters thought of the fact that Chu Jiuling died tragically, and their hearts were full of grief. At this time, Lu Yunqi came in from outside, and Chu Jiurong had resentment for killing his sister, so he left first. When Chu Jiuli heard that Lu Yunqi wanted to marry herself, she was deeply saddened, but she couldn't get rid of this fate, and wished to protect her brother.

There was news from Yunxiao Pavilion, claiming that Bing'er had been found, and learned from him that the emperor had been murdered. Zhu Zan was really puzzled when he saw the mysterious pattern drawn by Bing'er himself, until he accidentally discovered the shipping seal, guessing that it should be related to this thing, and thought of Jun Zhenzhen for the first time.

Fang Jinxiu strongly opposed Chu Jiuling's marriage into the Fang family, and believed that she was greedy for the Fang family's property, so Fang Cao was reprimanded. Seeing Fang Cao's guarding Chu Jiuling, Fang Jinxiu went to his biological mother Su Auntie and cried, but she didn't know that Su Auntie was secretly pregnant. After Aunt Su calmed down Fang Jinxiu's emotions, she privately ordered her maid to notify Song Yunping that since the marriage was irreversible, another countermeasure was needed.

For a time, the news of Chu Jiuling marrying a sickly paralyzed person spread throughout Zezhou, and the people talked about it. They were either angry that Fang family bullied the orphan and helpless, or guessed that Chu Jiuling had a bad intention. In short, there were few. Sincerely bless. Chu Jiuling didn't care about these opinions, she was more concerned about how to cure Fang Chengyu as soon as possible.

In fact, Fang Chengyu has no hope at all, except that he has not left home for many years and hopes to see the lantern in his lifetime. Because of this, Chu Jiuling is determined to satisfy Fang Chengyu's wishes, not only to take him around the streets and alleys, but also to make lanterns by himself. Originally, Zhu Zan wanted to ask Chu Jiuling about De Shengchang, but when he saw her method of making lanterns, he suddenly thought of the princess.

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