Outside the city gate, the killing sound shook the sky, and the drums on the city head changed abruptly. The guards of the capital had been exhausted, the battle was chaotic, the shields flew, and the flesh and blood flew across. Facing such scenes, Chu Jiuling still bite the bullet and continued to beat the drums, without any intention of backing down, and loudly encouraged. The king cheered up and gave him the courage to face the thieves and slaves.

Just as Chu Jiubao was about to lose his opponent, Zhu Zan led his people to the rescue, and Cheng Guogong and Qing Hebo's tribes gathered in the capital one after another. General Beiqi learned that the emperor had been assassinated and had to immediately return to the court to preside over the overall situation. Seeing the enemy's troops fade away like a tide, the common people cheered in unison. After Chu Jiuling made sure that she was guarding her father's state, she finally let go of her last trace of confidence and fainted in Zhu Zan's arms.

Jircom soon reached Churang's ears, but after a moment of joy, he was frowning again. After all, the heroes who defended the city were Zhu Zan and others. They were convicted of treason after hearing Prime Minister Huang’s slander, but now they don’t know what reason they should return to Beijing. Ning Yunzhao believed that Prime Minister Huang had slipped away on the grounds of peace talks, so Chu Rang could only deal with treacherous officials. Moreover, Jun Jiuling spreading his majesty's self-punishment and imperial mausoleum in the city was not abandoning the city and fleeing, which was enough to preserve his natural power.

Although Chu Rang accepted Ning Yunzhao's remarks, he was still afraid of Jun Jiuling's ability. If he incites the people to cause chaos in the future, it will become a thorn on the tip of his heart, and Lu Yunqi must pull the thorn out. Ning Yunzhao knew that Chu Rang had already murdered Jun Jiuling, so he waited quietly outside the hall until Lu Yunqi appeared and negotiated a good strategy with him. Now he wants to overthrow the King and change his dynasty.

Since the war subsided and Tianyou returned to tranquility, Zhu Zan guarded Chu Jiuling by the bed until she gradually regained consciousness, so he was relieved. After the two men recounted their past, Zhu Zan knew why Chu Jiuling had given the credit to Chu Rang. He just wanted to lead him to return to Beijing as soon as possible, and count it as an old account of bloody hatred.

Considering that Chu Jiuling still had a lot to talk with her relatives, Zhu Zan left the room, leaving the three brothers and sisters a chance to live together. Taking advantage of no other people around, Chu Jiuling took the initiative to recite a nursery rhyme. Only she and her eldest sister Chu Jiuli knew the secret between the lines. After a few years, the two sisters met again, and she couldn't make a sound. Chu Jiuling felt sorry for her sister to bear too much alone, and only hoped that if there was anything in the future, everyone would be able to share the burden together and never be separated again.

The night before entering the palace, Chu Jiuling and Zhu Zan chatted by the lake about all the things they had encountered after they separated, and how they missed each other. Through this experience, the two realized that each other was so important and irreplaceable in their hearts. Chu Jiuling understood the danger of Zhu Zan's assassination of the Beiqi Emperor, and told him to think twice if he took any risky behavior. , Thinking of his concern for him.

Under the whitewashing of peace, Chu returned to Beijing with great fanfare, and announced that Cheng Guogong, Qing Hebo, Zhu Zan and Chu Jiuling and others entered the palace to receive the reward. In the main hall, Chu Rang named Chu Jiuling as Princess Shanyang, but she did not move, neither thanked the reward nor showed expression, which caused the courtiers to be surprised and Yuan Bao yelled.

Seeing that Chu Rang wanted to cure Chu Jiuling's disrespectful crime, Zhu Zan hurriedly moved forward and changed the subject, begging Chu Rang to respond fairly for Chengguo. Originally, Chu Rang wanted to use the reason that Prime Minister Huang's whereabouts were unknown to temporarily put the matter on hold. However, King Xian actually escorted Prime Minister Huang to the main hall, and Lord Cheng took the opportunity to oppose Huang Cheng, so as to wash his grievances.

After all, Cheng Guogong played an indispensable role in the defense of the city. In particular, Prime Minister Huang confided in the evidence of crimes against the enemy. Prime Minister Huang admitted that he deliberately slandered Cheng Guo Gong because of his own personal interests. Xian Wang believed that collaborating with the enemy and traitor should be executed quickly, forcing Chu Rang to impose an imperial decree.

When Huang Cheng met Chu, who regarded him as an abandoned son, he was anxious to tell the story of Taiyan's three years, but he just blurted out and immediately hissed. Due to Chu Rang's threat, Prime Minister Huang was reluctant to continue speaking. Even though Cheng Guogong and the others urgently asked the truth, Fang Chengyu suddenly came in from outside the palace and publicly disclosed the three-year ransom of Taiyan.

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