Chu Jiuling worried about Zhu Zan's safety and wanted to find his whereabouts, but King Xian did not receive any news, and there has been no news yet. Because of this, Chu Jiuling had nothing to do, she could only pray for God's pity, and at the same time suppressed the anxiety in her heart, and reinvested in the task of defending the city. Uncle Ning thought that Chu Jiuling and the virtuous king did not have enough prestige, so he proposed to let Chu Jiuhan stand up and show his attitude. The leisurely mouth, soothes the hearts of the people.

Because Wang Huai’s attitude was not clear, Chu Jiuling decided to discuss with him personally. However, although Chu Jiufa was young, he understood the righteousness and readily agreed. After the matter was resolved, Chu Jiuling reminded Jiang Baihu that he should understand Lu Yunqi's intentions, so Jiang Baihu promised to protect him on the spot.

Fortunately, Fang Chengyu found a reliable doctor. After a short diagnosis and treatment, Zhu Zan saved his life, and when he woke up, he asked Fang Chengyu about the situation in the capital. Considering that the city's defense forces were insufficient and it was difficult to resist the North Qi army, especially without combat experience, Zhu Zan was extremely anxious and wanted to rush back regardless of his own safety. Fang Chengyu decided to join him in Beijing when he saw this.

The news of the Beiqi army's attack on the capital spread wildly. Accompanied by the eldest sister, Chu Jiufan took the initiative to declare his identity and frankly said that he would live and die with everyone, even if the North Qi Army entered the city, he would never retreat.

Even though the people were moved by these words, others were light-hearted, and it was difficult to have enough weight to make people trust, until Chu Jiuling stepped forward to issue a military order, threatening to retreat the Beiqi Army and save the capital. It was Chu Jiuling's previous heroic deeds, from curing acne to saving refugees, that finally convinced the people.

Thanks to Zhu Zan's assassination of the Beiqi emperor, which disrupted the heart of Beiqi's army, Cheng Guogong defeated the opponent in one fell swoop. Uncle Qinghe was very pleased and couldn’t help wondering whether Cheng Guo Gong was worried about his son. Although Cheng Guo Gong was anxious, he knew the importance of his homeland and the world, and he needed to speed up his pace to go to the capital for support. To die in battle is also to die for the country.

However, after a long time, the North Qi army attacked outside the gate of the capital, and the opponent's master was about to give general Tian Yu a slaying war, deliberately torturing and killing the weak and old women and children at the foot of the gate. Xian Wang and Chu Jiuling witnessed all this with their own eyes, and their hearts were deeply saddened. They wanted to save the innocent people, but if the city gates were opened easily, the people in the city would suffer.

In the next few days, the North Qi army attacked the city several times to no avail. Everyone fought fiercely with it, causing numerous casualties. Chu Rang was very surprised when he heard that the capital was still alive, and at the same time was annoyed by Jun Jiuling's release of the king in the capital. Ning Yunzhao was afraid that Chu would turn his anger on Chu Jiuling, and had to find a good word for her and Cheng Guogong.

Because of the need for Duke Cheng’s support now, Chu Rang no longer pursues it, but instead thinks that Yuxi has been lost and has not been recovered. Lu Yunqi noticed that Ning Yunzhao's expression was strange, so he lied to Chu Rang that Yu Xi might have been lost in the Imperial Study Room to relieve him. On the way back, Ning Yunzhao thanked Lu Yunqi for concealing himself, and thanked him. The two men did not regard each other as confidants. The reason why they turned their enemies into friends was nothing but Chu Jiuling's.

Seeing that there were more casualties among the soldiers defending the city, Chen Qi decided to go to defend the city personally after arranging the purchase of weapons, and said goodbye to Fang Jinxiu. Mr. Gu was entrusted by Lu Yunqi to persuade Chu Jiuling to leave the capital. After all, she had preserved her reputation for King Huai, and if she stayed any longer, her life would be endangered.

Chu Jiuling declined Mr. Gu's kindness, stated his true thoughts, and then took Chu Jiuhan up to the tower to play the drums. The people, officers and soldiers in the city gritted their teeth against the city gate under the sound of the drum. The city gate was in danger again and again, and Fang Jinxiu saw that Chen Qi and the others were about to be unable to support it, so he and all the women and children rushed forward to help.

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