Prime Minister Huang took the opportunity to seize the handle and pointed out that Cheng Guogong had falsely returned the military power, but actually interfered with the political leaders of the North Land. It was obvious that his heart was misbehaving. So he begged Chu Rang to dismiss Cheng Guogong for military affairs and punish him for the crime of acting as a blessing and trespassing power. . The other ministers seconded their speeches. Upon seeing this, Cheng Guogong voluntarily asked to resign from his official position, and he returned to his hometown to take care of his life.

Chu Jiuling learned of what had happened to the court, guessing that Cheng Guogong's move was in the midst of Prime Minister Huang's plan, and hurried to discuss with them, only to find that Cheng Guogong and his wife had packed their luggage and were ready to return to the north. Considering that Prime Minister Huang would not give up easily, Chu Jiuling asked Zhu Zan to escort him all the way to prevent accidents.

In fact, Chu Jiuling was also blaming herself for not protecting Cheng Guogong's family, but Cheng Guogong never regretted giving credit to her. It was her reputation that made Chu Rang jealous and did not dare to act rashly. As Chu Jiuling bid farewell to Zhu Zan, the palace sent someone to ask her to diagnose the queen.

When entering the palace, Chu Jiuling and Ning Yunzhao met unexpectedly, and the two pretended to be alienated so as not to be caught by Prime Minister Huang. Ning Yunzhao knew that something big would happen if he was rushed into the palace. However, Prime Minister Huang sued Chengguo for rebellion, and even presented memorials from officers and soldiers in the north, as well as letters from Chengguo's private communication with the North Qi.

Under the instructions of Prime Minister Huang, the civil and military forces of the Manchu Dynasty asked Chu Jiuling to order the arrest of Cheng Guogong. Ning Yunzhao worried that Chu Jiuling would be implicated because of this, but he did not know that Chu Jiuling met Lu Yunqi when he revisited in the old place, so that he was stunned by him. take away. After Ning Yunzhao retreated from the court, he left the palace and saw Chen Qi still waiting anxiously outside the palace gate. As Prime Minister Huang was beside him, it was inconvenient to come forward and talk with him, so he had to leave by car first.

Chu Jiuling woke up to find that he was in the Lu Mansion, and the room was decorated in a bright red and festive, including Lu Yunqi, who was also wearing wedding clothes, his eyes were affectionate and obsessed. Originally, Chu Jiuling wanted to escape, but his hands and feet were tied up and couldn't break free. Lu Yunqi seemed to lose his mind and kept confessing love to her. Fortunately, Chu Jiuling quickly picked up the stick with his eyes and hands, and used self-mutilation to stop the opponent from approaching.

The officers and soldiers in the capital were ordered to hunt down Cheng Guogong's family, but Cheng Guogong did not want to return to Beijing to suffer humiliation. The officers and soldiers were moved by it. They felt that Cheng Guo was loyal and righteous. They had fought on the battlefield for decades. The virtue of protecting the sky and the people was by no means the traitorous nephew that Prime Minister Huang said, so they voluntarily gave way and watched Cheng Guo leave.

Chen Qi waited outside the palace until it was dark and did not see Chu Jiuling. Suddenly Ning Yunzhao appeared and asked him and the shopkeeper Liu about the situation, confirming that Chu Jiuling had fallen into Lu Yunqi's hands. If he wanted to rescue him, he needed another thought. plan. When Chu Rang learned that Cheng Guogong had fled under the noses of the officers and soldiers, he was immediately furious, and Prime Minister Huang proposed to kill Cheng Guogong on the spot.

Ning Yunzhao took the initiative to find Lu Yunqi and asked him where to keep Jun Jiuling in check. Lu Yunqi disagreed, saying that Chu Rang wanted to start with Jun Jiuling, so Ning Yunzhao could not snatch him, so he could only wait for the time and inform shopkeeper Liu not to act rashly. After all, Lu Yunqi has an obsession with Jun Jiuling, and this obsession is destined for him. Will not hurt Jun Jiuling.

In the following days, Lu Yunqi avoided Ning Yunzhao, but would go to feed Jun Jiuling every day, and tell her the situation of the outside world, hoping that she could be her own woman with peace of mind. Chu Jiuling angrily threw away the food that Lu Yunqi handed over, and did not accept any kind of favor from him, hoping to escape from here as soon as possible.

Prime Minister Huang's arrest of Cheng Guogong was unsuccessful, so he recommended Lu Yunqi to Chu Rang to perform the task. Lu Yunqi guessed from the trail that Lord Cheng was going to Baozhou, so Chu Rang ordered Yuan Bao to inform Qinghe Bo to ambush halfway. After Prime Minister Huang left, Chu Rang and Lu Yunqi inquired about Jun Jiuling and asked him to get rid of this person as soon as possible, and he must not leave behind troubles.

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