Fang's family was in deep sorrow after the great changes, and all the friends nearby came to express their condolences, but Chu Jiuling's appearance caused chaos on the scene. The Fang Cao family slapped Chu Jiuling in public, and angrily accused her of knowing that she could not do it, but she wanted to do it, so that the Fang family suffered a disaster.

Upon seeing this, the senior steward had to invite outsiders to leave. After the gate was closed, the people gathered and discussed about the good things. Yuan Baoan intervened in Zezhou City and witnessed the whole process at this moment. Chu Jiuling took advantage of this to explain the situation to the Fang Cao family, saying that Fang Chengyu was rumored to have lost her life, but it was actually a rumor spread by her to the outside world, and the real Fang Chengyu was in fact safe and sound.

After Fang Cao learned the truth, he finally lost his heart, regretting that he was too impulsive just now, and at the same time annoyed that Chu Jiuling was too cruel, he actually counted himself in and slapped her in vain. However, Chu Jiuling didn't mind at all, because she needed this kind of drama of true feelings, so as to conceal people's eyes and eyes, and avoid suspicion of Fang Chengyu's death.

Through this incident, Fang Cao realized that his companion was like a tiger, and if he wanted to completely keep the Fang family's constraints, he had to disclose the money, otherwise it would be difficult to find other ways. Under the leadership of Fang Cao's family, Chu Jiuling entered the secret room through the bedroom and found the box of re-cast official silver.

The Fang family intercepted the official silver and hid it in the secret room. Since then, no one has entered it. The Fang Cao family is even more distressed. If it did not indirectly kill the Taishang emperor, I am afraid it will not make the Fang family uneasy all these years. Chu Jiuling couldn't bear to deceive Fang's family, and took the initiative to make it clear. Fang Cao's was shocked and quickly knelt down to apologize to her.

However, in Chu Jiuling's view, Fang's guilt has already been punished, and she shouldn't anger the next generation. Instead, she is grateful for Fang Cao's care for her, and is willing to continue to perform filial piety by her side in place of Jun Zhenzhen. After resolving past grievances, Chu Jiuling and Fang Cao discussed using Deshengchang's motorcade to escort Yinliang and seals into Beijing, looking for opportunities to prove Chu Rang's evil deeds.

Before that, in order to avoid arousing other people’s suspicion, Chu Jiuling gave Fang Cao’s advice, intending to let the Fang family divide De Shengchang into three, deliberately staged a series of family property struggles in front of the people, the best is Everyone knows that the city is full of ups and downs, so that we can temporarily guarantee Fang's safety.

The Fang family members have played their respective roles under careful deployment. Fang Yuxiu is adept at taking away more than a dozen Deshengchang shops. As for Fang Jinxiu, he goes to the yamen to beat the drums and complain. Respond to the property. This move caused many people to stop and watch. With the support of the female relatives, the Fang Cao family came to the Yamen to curse Fang Jinxiu, tore her face, even pretended to be Fang's face, and had to agree to split the family.

Zhu Zan and Chu Jiuling set off to return to Beijing. They guessed that the Fang family had a disturbance, and the news should have spread to the palace. At this time, Yuan Bao reported truthfully to Chu Rang, and determined that the women in the Fang family were too difficult to become a threat and were not enough to pose a threat. Lu Yunqi intercepted Cheng Guogong's secret letter and found that he was particularly concerned about the affairs of the North Land. Chu Rang was extremely annoyed.

A few days passed in a blink of an eye, Zhu Zan and Chu Jiuling returned to the capital. They were so affectionate on the street that even Li Sanbing and Zhang Baotang couldn't stand it, yelling that the world is going downhill. When Lu Yunqi saw this scene, his jealousy soared. He was about to do something to Chu Jiuling. Due to the crowd of people, he could only wait for the opportunity.

Cheng Guogong entered the palace, showing that Chu Rang was going to force him to disarm and return to the field. Chu Rang publicly accused Cheng Guogong of the crime, and blamed him for deliberately causing Northland soldiers to conflict with North Qi. However, Cheng Guogong did not shy away from it, but showed that there must be a conspiracy in North Qi's initiative to show good. No, keep Tianyou Jiangshan.

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