On the day Fang Chengyu arrived in the capital, it was Zhu Zan who accompanied Chu Jiuling to greet him. When he heard Fang Chengyu shouting to his brother-in-law, he was very surprised and repeatedly praised him for becoming more sensible. Before he could finish his words, Fang Chengyu immediately changed his words, thinking that the marriage contract between him and Chu Jiuling was not counted, and simply called him the son of the world.

Fang Jinxiu knew that his brother had been working hard for a long distance, so he cleaned up the room for him. Zhu Zan saw that Fang Chengyu was a little nervous, so he explained to him the details of entering the palace, and repeatedly urged that he must be cautious in dealing with Chu Rang. However, Chu Jiuling saw that the Fang family was already at the forefront of the limelight. If you want to protect yourself, you need to avoid the edge and resign from the emperor merchant's status.

Accompanied by Chu Jiuling, Fang Chengyu entered the palace according to the plan discussed in advance, and took the initiative to return the manuscript to Chu Rang, and then asked him for a calligraphy. How do you know that Chu Rangyin gave the Fang family a hand-wrote and determined that he was a waste son, and that he should be eradicated as soon as possible. It coincided that today was the birthday of Princess Jiuling, and it was the wedding day of Lu Yunqi and Chu Jiuling. Lu Yunqi went to see Jun Jiuling in person and flanked her.

Zhu Zan appeared in time and directly took Chu Jiuling and Fang Chengyu away to avoid Lu Yunqi from deliberately making things difficult. Fang Chengyu returned to the hospital, thanked Zhu Zan for his assistance, and thought that he treated his cousin sincerely, so after receiving his promise that he would never let him down, he took the initiative to call his brother-in-law, and hoped that Zhu Zan would never be there anytime or anywhere. Let Jun Jiuling sad.

Although Fang Chengyu grew up a lot during this period, he was not deeply involved in the world after all. Chu Jiuling worried about the safety of Fang's family and urged Fang Chengyu to return to Zezhou as soon as possible. Zhu Zan said that he had sent people to Zezhou to protect Fang's family, and that he could still put Chu Jiuling and Fang Chengyu at ease.

That night everyone set a table in the courtyard to see off Fang Chengyu, and also to celebrate Chu Jiuling's birthday. After all, among those present, Zhu Zan remembered the birthday of Princess Jiuling. Fang Chengyu wanted to say goodbye to Fang Jinxiu before leaving. The two brothers and sisters were reconciled as before. As for Li Sanbing, Zhang Baotang and others, they knew how to avoid letting Zhu Zan and Chu Jiuling get along alone.

Taking advantage of the beautiful scenery of the current good day and no one around, Zhu Zan carefully took out the longevity cake, because he knew that this was an indispensable cake for the princess's birthday, so he specially learned to make it with the chef of the Imperial Kitchen. Perhaps the taste of the pastries is not as good as before, but Chu Jiuling's heart is particularly sweet, especially Zhu Zan's replacement of Emperor Xian to protect her for the rest of her life, which is very touched.

Zhu Zan remembered seeing Lu Yunqi in the palace today, which is enough to show that he has no less affection for Chu Jiuling than himself, so he eagerly asked how Chu Jiuling viewed each other. At first Chu Jiuling deliberately teased Zhu Zan, until she said that Lu Yunqi was at best a passerby and was not worthy of attention at all, which made Zhu Zan smile again. The two of them were so affectionate that they did not know that at this time, Lu Yunqi came to the ancestral hall alone to incense the princess, and talked about the process of his encounter with Jun Jiuling.

Since Fang Chengyu left the capital, everyone returned to their lives, but not long after, bad news came from the station. It is said that Fang Chengyu's house accidentally walked through the water and eventually died in the fire. Fang's family received the news, and they were all shocked. On the other hand, Chu Jiuling received the news and linked Fang's Cao family to the shock. They decided to return to Zezhou first, and both Zhu Zan and Fang Jinxiu planned to accompany them.

Fang Jinxiu didn't know the truth, but felt that someone did it deliberately. The Fang Cao family in Zezhou thought of what Jun Jiuling had said to her, and hated Chu Rang for refusing to let the Fang family go. On the contrary, Chu Rang had a skeptical attitude towards this fire. He sent a special person to Zezhou to conduct a detailed investigation to confirm that Fang Chengyu had no chance of surviving.

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