After Ning Yunzhao's repeated requests, Fang Jinxiu angrily entered the clinic to report. Chu Jiuling saw that everyone was very angry, but she couldn't explain it, so she could only explain clearly to Ning Yunzhao in front of everyone, showing that the two people were different in their ways. As a conspiracy, he broke ties with him on this ground.

The reason why Chu Jiuling treated Ning Yunzhao like this was only because the two agreed in advance to stage a big show in front of the people in the city. Only when Ning Yunzhao and Prime Minister Huang dreaded a clear line between them, can they become The real slanderer, thus deceived his trust, and was not questioned by other ministers of civil and military affairs.

When Ning Yunzhao left, everyone dispersed. Zhu Zan, as an insider of the risky youngster, couldn't help feeling jealous when thinking of the scene of her having a very happy conversation with Ning Yunzhao, but Chu Jiuling was delighted. Lu Yunqi and Prime Minister Huang negotiated a cooperation, and planned to let Jun Jiuling pass the mansion to treat Wang Huai’s illness, and even went to Jiulingtang again despite Chu Jiuli’s objection.

When Zhu Zan saw Lu Yunqi appear in the hospital, he was furious, and mistakenly thought he was going to be against Chu Jiuling. Chu Jiuling showed up in time to stop him and ordered Lu Yunqi to be driven away without hesitation. However, thinking that he threatened him with the king, she first asked Zhu Zan to inquire about it. It turned out that Prime Minister Huang wanted to use evil as an excuse. Chu Jiufa sent it to the imperial tomb.

In fact, Prime Minister Huang’s plan was not to carry the king, but to test Cheng Guo Gong’s attitude through this incident. If Cheng Guo Gong saw Chu Rang’s objection, he would label the other party as slandering the first emperor’s party feathers. conviction. Chu Jiuling expected Prime Minister Huang to lay a big game of chess. Although she was worried about her younger brother, she had to avoid becoming a master at the moment.

After Cheng Guogong learned the truth, he unexpectedly asked to see Wang Huai and asked Chu Jiuling to diagnose his condition. Just as Prime Minister Huang was playing this matter, it was unexpected that Cheng Guogong was in the court and bluntly stated that Chu Jiuyuan was not ill at all, and found any reason to break the plan of Prime Minister Huang, so that he could do nothing.

As Chu Jiubao's matter was properly resolved, Zhu Zan and Chu Jiuling could finally breathe a sigh of relief. The two walked around the street to admire the lanterns together, chatting about the bits and pieces of their journey, as vividly as they were yesterday. Zhu Zan never thought that he would have a place in Chu Jiuling's heart, and at the same time complained why she didn't recognize each other earlier, because he was afraid that the two would miss it. It just so happened that a family of four came across, Chu Jiuling and Zhu Zan watched enviously, and they were also yearning for such a life.

Chu Rang's reprimand of Prime Minister Huang for taking Wang Huai's essay fell short, and he called Lu Yunqi to be held accountable. He accidentally learned that Jun Jiuling had spent a lot of manpower and materials, which caused Deshengchang to almost go short. Knowing the ins and outs of this matter, Chu Rang determined to eradicate Jun Jiuling, and at the same time ordered Fang Chengyu to enter the capital.

Fang Cao didn't want to see any lapses in the Fang family's last bloodline and planned to go to the capital in person. However, Fang Chengyu believed that as the pillar of the family, he should not escape, so he insisted on taking this trip. Zhu Zan knew that Chu Rang wanted to do something with Chu Jiuling, so he had to consult with Cheng Guogong, and under his suggestion, he took the opportunity to appeal for Chu Jiuling.

In the early dynasty the next day, Cheng Guogong truthfully reported that the resettlement of the refugees was attributed to Jun Jiuling. In addition to other courtiers seconding the advice, Chu Rang had to make a statement and promoted Jun Jiuling as the county lord. Even though this method suppressed Chu Rang and didn't dare to act rashly, Chu Jiuling was worried that Gong Guogong might be detained by others for helping her, thus losing the support of the people.

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