When Chu Rang learned of Qi Xuan's emergence, he couldn't help being shocked. He thought of the previous Japanese scholars who were dissatisfied with the military commander's entitlement, and still complained. After the persuasion of the Xian Wang, Chu Rang instructed Yuan Bao to take people to the city gate and welcome Cheng Guogong and Qi Xuan into the city.

Outside the gate of the capital, the three counties petitioned Cheng Guogong one after another, and the prestige of Qi Daru should not be underestimated, which made the three princes very embarrassed. Just as he was hesitating, Chu Rang sent someone to let him go, and the people in the city greeted him by crossing the road. The scene was extremely magnificent. At this time, Zhu Zan thanked the virtuous king and thanked him for his help. The virtuous king quipped that Zhu Zan's style was not as good as Cheng Guogong, and praised Jun Jiuling for his resourcefulness and let him marry him as soon as possible.

When Lu Yunqi saw tens of thousands of refugees entering Beijing, he found out that De Shengchang had hidden them in the caravan beforehand. Only then did he realize that Jun Jiuling had played a role in it. After the team entered the city one after another, Chu Jiuling came over in red. Lu Yunqi couldn't help but smiled subconsciously, but immediately reacted, suppressing all emotions, and ordered him to be arrested.

Zhu Zan appeared in time, not only to stop Wu Desi, but also to publicly announce that Jun Jiuling has become the wife of the world's son. Now Cheng Guogong enters the palace to meet the saint. If he insists on taking Jun Jiuling, it is tantamount to disobeying the holy will. Seeing Lu Yunqi hesitate, Zhu Zan took the opportunity to show off his affection with Jun Jiuling in the public. The sentence on the left was the wife and the husband on the right. Lu Yunqi gritted his teeth with anger.

Jin Shiba and others who were in charge of tracking Jun Jiuling at the time have now taken off their official uniforms and pleaded guilty to Lu Yunqi. After all, they failed to complete the task. However, Lu Yunqi Nianzai Jun Jiuling returned safely and did not continue to investigate or make any statement. Cheng Guogong entered the palace to plead guilty to Chu Rang, on the one hand, for resisting the decree and not returning, and on the other hand, he entered the northern border without a rule and led the refugees from the three counties into Beijing without authorization.

Because of Cheng Guogong's move from passive to active, Chu Rang had to forgive his sins, and even Prime Minister Huang had nothing to say. Considering Chu Rang's true intentions for letting him enter Beijing this time, Duke Chengguo resigned from the old man on the grounds of his old age, and handed the soldier amulet to Chu Rang to hide his edge so as not to be involved again.

Li Sanbing and Zhang Baotang led the horse back to the mansion. They really didn't even look at the beautiful and loving son and wife. After returning, they reported the investigation in recent days and discovered that the person who had secretly met with Prime Minister Huang was actually Beiqi Prince Yu Chihai. While Zhang Baotang was discussing the relationship between Prime Minister Huang and the enemy, he also mentioned that Ning Yunzhao was scolded by the people. Chu Jiuling blamed herself for this. After all, Ning Yunzhao's slander in the court was taught by her.

That night, Zhu Zan took Bing'er into Chengguo's Mansion and arranged for her to be taken care of by Chu Jiuling. After Cheng Guogong left the palace, he specifically explained the matter to his family. Madam Yu liked Jun Jiuling and also knew her son's thoughts, so she pretended to accept her as a righteous daughter, forcing Zhu Zan to truthfully express her thoughts.

Chu Jiuling also wanted to tease Zhu Zan. She didn't oppose Madam Yu's acceptance of herself as a righteous daughter, pretending to be nonchalant. The next day, Zhu Zan and others went to the restaurant for dinner, and happened to run into Lu Yunqi. Li Sanbing and Zhang Baotang deliberately called Jun Jiuling as their sister-in-law in front of him, and they almost quarreled with Wu Desi's people.

Lu Yunqi left the restaurant angrily, turned to Prime Minister Huang's carriage, and listened to his conditions for cooperation, promising to let Jun Jiuling take the initiative to come and beg for himself. Zhang Baotang regretted saving Lu Yunqi when he was a child, and inadvertently revealed the childhood history of Princess Jiu Ling and Lu Yunqi. It turns out that when Lu Yunqi was found stealing and refused to admit it, Jiuling came forward to rescue him. At the same time, Ning Yunzhao went to the hospital to look for Jun Jiuling. However, his status as a slanderer was misunderstood. Fang Jinxiu did not hide his disgust and stopped him outside the door.

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