At night on the way back to Beijing, the two of them sat on the ground and admired the Milky Way. Zhu Zan stared at Jun Jiuling fascinated, and couldn't help calling her name, no longer the phrase "surnamed Jun". As soon as the voice fell, Chu Jiuling was visibly stunned. Her reaction and response had confirmed Zhu Zan's inner guess that the woman in front of her was the princess Jiuling she had been thinking about day and night.

In fact, as early as when the acne attack occurred, Zhu Zan vaguely heard every word Chu Jiuling said by the bedside, even though he was in a state of dizzy consciousness. Because of this, Zhu Zan no longer asked the truth anymore, knowing that Chu Jiuling had gone through ups and downs, and there was something unspeakable, so he was willing to wait silently until the other party told him in person.

Fortunately, the sky has eyes. While Zhu Zan was chasing Chu Jiuling, she also made Chu Jiuling stop and look back at the coincidence. She cherishes the man who has been paying so sincerely for decades, and she is able to meet again. , To overcome many difficulties together and become a testimony of love for each other.

Cheng Guogong was about to enter Beijing. Prime Minister Huang invited his colleagues to discuss countermeasures. At the suggestion of the official department, Zhu Jiajun's name announced the donation, which caused public outrage. At the same time, he sent killers to ambush halfway to destroy Chu Jiuling's plan. Zhu Zan used his own strength to protect Chu Jiuling. The injury was not serious, but the secret letter from the capital made him worried. Chu Jiuling believed that De Shengchang could solve Prime Minister Huang's strategy. As for those pedantic literati who were instigated by others, perhaps Ning Yunzhao could ask Qi Daru to come out.

Prime Minister Huang took the opportunity to advise Chu Rang that rewards and penalties for Cheng Guo Gong were clear. Although Cheng Guo Gong was meritorious in the North, he also committed a violation of the Holy Order and refused to return. , It is difficult to guarantee its loyalty. Upon seeing this, Ning Yunzhao retorted and spoke well for Cheng Guogong through euphemism, and praised Chu for letting the city open the gate to welcome the refugees. It was Mingjun's grand feat.

Suddenly, Chu Rang was unable to make a decision, so he withdrew from his ministers. After careful consideration, he decided to let the three princes go to the city gate wall to meet Zhu's family army on his behalf. In the capital, Ning Yunzhao, Fang Jinxiu and others entered the city smoothly for Guo Gong Baocheng, and set out to deal with the next unknown variables. Fang Chengyu, who was far away in Zezhou, was also raising a large number of supplies to the capital.

Once everything is properly prepared, the army of Cheng Guo Gong will soon be ushered in, as well as the carriage accompanied by his family. Looking around, the people standing in front seemed to be waiting for a long time. Not only did they lose their joy, they even cast contemptuous expressions and pointed. Several traitors who pretended to be flat-headed people deliberately provoked disputes, publicly accusing Cheng Guo Gong of making money through war. The ignorant people let them go and agreed, and threw leaves at the team to vent their resentment.

At this time, Cheng Guogong reprimanded the soldiers not to use their swords on the people, but Fang Jinxiu and Liu shopkeeper drove over, and while donating broken silver medicinal materials, while praising the benevolence of the Guogong, Liuer and Chen Qi immediately ran to help. Only then did a crisis be resolved, and the villains took the opportunity to slip away.

The third prince was a little impatient after waiting for a long time, especially when Prime Minister Huang chewed his tongue beside him, which made him especially anxious. Cheng Guo's army was still on the way. Every time he went to a checkpoint, he would make things difficult for him. Not far from the city gate, he found those literati who gathered in the middle of the road and intercepted the carriage. minister.

At a critical moment, Qi Xuan, the master of literary circles, appeared, and the students on the scene evaded one after another. Even the present-day saint has to give courtesy seven points.

Because of the great Confucian support, Cheng Guo Gong’s team came to the gate of the city smoothly, but the three princes were an awkward who could not afford to help. Instead of opening the gate, he insisted that Cheng Guo Gong was greedy for war and wounded the people. The petition of refugees from three counties. When Chu Rang learned of Qi Xuan's emergence, he couldn't help being shocked. He thought of the previous Japanese scholars who were dissatisfied with the military commander's entitlement, and still complained. After the persuasion of the Xian Wang, Chu Rang instructed Yuan Bao to take people to the city gate to welcome Cheng Guogong and Qi Xuan into the city.

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