Zhu Zan deliberately disappeared, but his whereabouts are still unknown. Chu Jiuling misses him very much and can only pray for God's blessing. The next day, the Northland battle report came. It is said that Cheng Guogong pretended to retreat, but in fact raided the left wing of the North Qi prince, causing the North Qi soldiers to be forced to return to defense. Although the crisis in Hejian Prefecture was solved, it also put him in a dangerous situation. .

As the agreement signed by the two countries took effect, the North Qi army was about to enter the three counties. Chu Rang ordered the Northland garrison to withdraw quickly. Chu Jiuling suddenly realized that she finally understood the profound meaning of Cheng Guogong, so in order to buy more time for the people to evacuate, she immediately decided to change the route and continue northward, thus giving up the opportunity for her to meet with Madam Yu.

Now that Grandpa Cheng surprises Beiqi and is trapped in Yizhou, Mrs. Yu hasn't seen Jun Jiuling for a long time, knowing that she is going to save people alone. After Zhu Zan escorted the people of Baozhou to evacuate, he rushed to Yizhou with Li Sanbing and Zhang Baotang without delay. Since they could not count on Chu Rang to send troops to support, they were ready to die.

Cheng Guogong and Zhu Zan coincided with each other. They thought that Zhu Shan had led the soldiers for decades and had seen countless lives and deaths, but today it is the critical moment for everyone to fight to the death. In order to thank those soldiers who sacrificed, Cheng Guogong ordered his subordinates to make records one by one so that they could be remembered in history.

Chu Jiuling estimated the current number of North Qi soldiers. Even if she summoned all the troops, there would be a huge gap, and it would be difficult to help Master Cheng break through the siege. Considering that the force cannot be attacked, only outspoken, Chu Jiuling asked Master Lei and the others to find a few henchmen and sneak into the barracks in order to create the illusion of an outbreak of acne, thus disturbing the military's mind. Suddenly, the North Qi army was in great chaos, and Lord Cheng Guo looked at the right time and led the troops to successfully break through Yizhou.

In the capital, under the instigation of Prime Minister Huang, the storyteller deliberately misrepresented Cheng Guogong's feat as a crime, claiming that he was making a name for himself in one fell swoop and ignoring the agreement between the two countries. The onlookers talked about it endlessly. Fang Jinxiu was very annoyed, and was about to step forward to say. Suddenly, he saw the refugees from the Northland and the south, all speaking and accusing the storyteller of slandering Cheng Guogong.

The refugees were grateful for the kindness of Cheng Guo Gong, and publicly told about his heroic deeds and his family, and how to save the people of the three counties from the water and fire. At this time, the city soldiers hurried across the long street and announced that Cheng Guogong had successfully escaped. Everyone was overjoyed, and the storyteller fled in embarrassment.

When Zhu Zan rushed to Hejian Mansion, Mrs. Yu was unfortunately doing porridge relief at the Chenghuang Temple, while Cheng Guogong needed to recover from her injuries, so he first went to see the rumored wife of the son, even though he admired her heroic deeds. But because I belonged in my heart, I explained the situation to the other party and couldn't agree to this marriage.

Unexpectedly, as soon as the voice fell, Chu Jiuling turned around and couldn't help feeling amused. On the contrary, Zhu Zan was shocked until he realized that she was delighted and distressed that she was in danger alone. After the two recounted their past, Zhu Zan went to see Cheng Guogong, and the father and son had a drink to celebrate, and at the same time paid tribute to the soldiers who died on the battlefield.

The people of the three counties returned, Shengwei was grand, and the Beiqi army was injured, it should be a while. Chu asked Xuanzhao Cheng Guogong to return to Beijing to receive the reward. Prime Minister Huang took the opportunity to suggest that Uncle Qinghe take the post of guarding him in the north. Lu Yunqi could not find a suitable opportunity to attack Zhu Zan. Chu Rang had no other choice, so he informed Prime Minister Huang first. Responsible for arranging Chengguo's father and son to enter Beijing.

That night, Zhu Zan was so drunk that he ran to Jun Jiuling's boudoir again and asked him why he resembled Princess Jiuling so much. Chu Jiuling had a few impulses to tell the truth, but she still endured it, so she went to support Zhu Zan, but he couldn't move when she was pressed on the bed.

It happened that Mrs. Yu came to deliver the cakes in person. She accidentally saw this scene and mistakenly thought that she had ruined the good deeds of her son and his prospective daughter-in-law, and immediately turned and left. Chu Jiuling tried his best to push Zhu Zan away, watching him sound asleep, and couldn't help kissing her cheek. Until Zhu Zan woke up the next day, the two people who had a good opinion of each other were both sweet and shy.

The edict was passed to the Hejian Mansion, which means that this entry into Jingji is unpredictable and should not be evasive. Chu Jiuling discussed with Cheng Guogong and his wife. First, she and Zhu Zan returned to Beijing to find out the news, and Zhu Jiajun followed closely to prevent Prime Minister Huang from getting in the way. Cheng Guogong was very satisfied with Jun Jiuling's arrangement, and Madam Yu also wanted to match her up with her son, persuading Zhu Zan not to be attached to Princess Jiuling.

Zhu Zan understands what his mother meant. In fact, he has deep roots in Jun Jiuling's affection. He naturally hopes to be a beautiful woman, but the premise is to clarify the matter of the son's wife to the world, and return the other party's good reputation, and then the scenery will marry her. . Madam Yu supported Zhu Zan's decision and was very pleased.

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