Chu Jiuling has been to Fang's house for more than a month and has basically met all the female relatives in the house, except for the rumored cousin. It wasn't until she passed by the Qinghe Pond that she found a young man in a wheelchair with a disheveled head and white cranes in his hands, that she understood why the outside world was discussing Fang's curse.

Because of the previous three generations, the males of the Fang family died in their prime of life. The wives who were supposed to be husbands and fathers had to bear the burden and support the family business. Including the daughters in the boudoir, they had to learn to plan since they were young. Keep the account book, if you can recruit a son-in-law, you will never get married. In this generation, his cousin Fang Chengyu is the only child in the family. Unfortunately, he has a weak physique since he was young. It is said that he will not survive sixteen, so the strangeness and weirdness of this have become the people's after-dinner talk.

Considering that Fang Chengyu still has a year to live, Chu Jiuling intends to diagnose and treat him. If he can cure the chronic disease, he might as well serve as a beautiful thing and still have a firm foothold in Fang's family. However, Chu Jiuling pinched her pulse and found that Fang Chengyu's persistent illness was suspected to be caused by poisoning. Based on her medical experience, she did have a chance to get rid of the poison. The key was to obtain Fang Cao's consent first.

Unexpectedly, Fang Cao was not surprised by the result, instead he acquiesced in this kind of poisoning behavior. Until Mrs. Long Fang opened the mouth to explain the reason, Chu Jiuling finally understood why this was the case. It turned out that Fang Chengyu had an incurable disease in his early years, and he needed to take poison to continue his life. It has been ten years now.

Although Chu Jiuling understands everyone's feelings, she believes that Fang Chengyu's illness is by no means incurable. It is clear that someone has maliciously misled him. In fact, she wants to mutilate Fang's male child, so she asked to check the poisonous prescription of the year. Seeing that Chu Jiuling looked serious, Fang Cao chose to believe what she said, and asked the eldest daughter-in-law to get the box.

Inside the wooden box, in addition to a square sheet, there was also a seal and seal pattern, which also attracted Chu Jiuling's attention. On the way back, Chu Jiuling thought about the relationship between the Fang family, the seal and the official bank, and asked the executives about the recent situation in Beijing. According to common sense, it is okay for the youngest daughter's family to be interested in the capital. The problem is that she asks about the palace again.

Considering that the current emperor does not allow the people to arbitrarily discuss the palace, the executives dare not delay any longer, and immediately reported the matter to Fang Cao. When Chu Jiuling heard that Fang Cao wanted to see herself, she understood her mistakes and took the initiative to admit her mistakes. She frankly admitted that she and Princess Jiuling were old friends, so she mentioned it because of her gratitude, and then dispelled Fang Cao's doubts.

Last time he could not find out the whereabouts of the princess, Zhu Zan decided to squat down near Fang's house, monitoring the movements of Jun Zhenzhen, if there is a private contact with Jun Yingwen, sooner or later there will be flaws. However, for a few days in a row, Zhu Zan found nothing. On the contrary, Chu Jiuling and Fang Yuxiu had a very good relationship, and it was difficult for Miss Ning Jia to go out together.

Ning Yunyan remembered that she hated Chu Jiuling's visit to ask for five thousand taels, deliberately provoking and being teased, so that she became irritated and trampled on the medicinal materials Chu Jiuling bought for her cousin on the street. This scene happened to be seen by Zhu Zan. . Chu Jiuling didn't get angry but laughed, and publicly mentioned the silver ticket exchange for the marriage contract, deliberately humiliating the Ning family, and even compared Young Master Ning Shi to a woman in a brothel.

After this incident, Ning Yunyan was embarrassed on the street and had nowhere to vent her anger, so she had to complain to Mrs. Ning. It happened that Ning Yunzhao returned from another province to calm her relatives and sisters and persuade her to consider peace. Chu Jiuling didn't care about the Ning family at all, but instead focused on making tonics. Even though Fang Chengyu had a weird and violent personality, his attitude towards her had improved significantly after the last conversation.

Zhu Zan was unwilling to continue to wait and wait, and decided to take the initiative to attack. He and Zhang Baotang staged an acknowledgment scene in front of Chu Jiuling. In order to make Zhu Zan give up, Chu Jiuling lied that the real Jiuling princess was burned in the fire and pointed out the location of Jun Yingwen's tomb to prove that what he said was true. Zhu Zan was deeply shocked, drunk drunk alone in the room, burned his skin with candlelight, and felt Chu Jiuling's pain during his lifetime.

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