Now that there is a turmoil in the north, if Cheng Guogong should be recalled to Beijing, it will inevitably put the people in danger, so he can only resist the decree and lead the army to continue to guard. Prime Minister Huang took the opportunity to play the impeachment of Cheng Guogong. Uncle Ning couldn't bear to be framed by such a loyal minister and good general, so he excused him in public. In the end, Chu Rang was suspended from his duties and thought behind closed doors for March.

Chu Jiuling and Mrs. Yu rode in the same carriage and took the initiative to identify each other, wondering why she appeared here. Mrs. Yu has heard about Jun Jiuling's deeds for a long time, and because of today's salvation, she told the truth truthfully. The original intention was to see Uncle Qinghe and borrow some grain from him to at least barely supply the frontline warfare.

It is precisely because Cheng Guogong and his wife have put their own safety aside and cared about the lives and welfare of the people. Chu Jiuling deeply admires her such great merits and would like to help her reach the Daming Mansion safely. Wherever the team went, they would stop for a while. Chu Jiuling served the displaced refugees. Madam Yu's love for her was increasing day by day. Jin Shiba saw it, and her mood gradually changed.

Zhu Zan, Li Sanbing, Zhang Baotang and others dispatched only a small group of messengers to successfully expel Beiqi soldiers and defend Kaide House. Prime Minister Huang said without shame that without the Zhu Family Army, the peace of the capital would still be maintained, but he did not realize that this defense of the mansion was the credit of Cheng Guogong. Seeing that the opportunity was lost, Prime Minister Huang suggested that Chu Rang negotiate with Beiqi, but the envoy of Beiqi was so greedy that he actually asked the two countries to open their households and cities and return the three counties.

It is not so much a return, as it is a ceding. Uncle Ning heard of the furious and scolded Bei Qi for his shameless behavior. Originally Chu asked his intention to refuse, but when he heard that Bei Qi had vowed to go south to fight, he was always cowardly and cowardly, and finally he was jealous and finally agreed to the other party's terms.

Now that the peace talks are over, it is meaningless for everyone to go to the famous mansion again. Countless soldiers guarded the frontier with flesh and blood, but it turned out to be a compromise of the emperor of the straw bag and the humiliation of the enemy. Everyone was indignant for it, Chu Jiuling forcibly endured her inner hatred and persuaded Madam Yu to escort the people of the three counties back to Hejian with her, so as to prevent them from being poisoned by the North Qi.

Madam Yu readily agreed, and Zhu Zan received the news, thinking about the lives of thousands of people, and decided to continue northward. At this time, a large number of refugees flooded into the city. Ning Yunzhao sighed that he was treacherous and harmed the country, but he sighed that his ambition was useless, and he became more and more disappointed in the court.

Fang Cao looked through the accounts and found that Jun Jiuling was spending a lot of money and money in the North, and it was inevitable that he had some worries. It happened that the letter came, and after reading the content carefully, I realized that Jun Jiuling was helping the people of the three counties, and what he had done was beneficial to the country and the people. Fang Cao was very pleased and informed the executives that all the profits of Deshengchang would flow to the west of Hebei. Road, easy for Jun Jiuling to use.

The team entered Baimang City, and Madam Yu instructed Master Tian to order the Hejian garrison to escort the people from the three counties south to Beijing. At first, Master Tian was a little embarrassed, but Jun Jiuling's remarks touched him deeply. In addition, Mrs. Yu declared that Jun Jiuling was the daughter-in-law of her Zhu family, and she was willing to follow his arrangements.

Even though this matter has been properly resolved, Mrs. Yu still has concerns. It is speculated that the Beiqi group will pretend to be refugees in disguise, and I am afraid that the Hejian government will be implicated. Chu Jiuling understood Mrs. Yu's thoughts and suggested that the refugees should be placed outside the defense line of Hejian Mansion, and the people should be soothed through porridge treatment, so as to investigate the identity of everyone.

According to Chu Jiuling's method, Hejian Mansion has reduced many hidden dangers, and the surrounding people are praising Mrs. Shizi for her cleverness. Zhu Zan heard many rumors along the way, that he was annoyed by someone posing as Mrs. Shizi, and at the same time worried that Jun Jiuling would misunderstand him. Lu Yunqi learned that Zhu Zan and the others were going to Baozhou, so he ordered his men to find a chance to kill him.

In order to welcome the people of Bazhou back to Tian Yu as soon as possible, Chu Jiuling and Mrs. Yu went out of the city to rescue them in two ways, and at the same time allowed Master Tian to be ready to respond in the city. Because Master Lei led a man to fight with the North Qi soldiers and was overwhelmed by himself, Chu Jiuling was killed. Fortunately, Jin Shiba was rescued in time. The people realized that the woman in front of them was the wife of the world, and they knelt down and bowed and thanked her, and they already regarded her as a living Bodhisattva.

Chu Rang annoyed his wife to pick up the people in Bazhou without authorization, which would inevitably annoy Bei Qi. Yuan Bao believed that Cheng Guogong's move was to buy people's hearts, and suggested that he should push Cheng Guogong to prevent crime, which is regarded as an explanation to Bei Qi. At the same time, Baozhou ethical guard Jiang Cheng knows that the father and son of Chengguo are loyal to the emperor and protect the country, so as a general of Tianyou, he is willing to lead an army to follow Zhu Zan and obey orders.

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