The Tai Hospital learned of the death from inoculation. Jiang Youshu thought he was seizing the opportunity to put Jun Jiuling in his death place, and wanted Lu Yunqi to participate in the performance. As everyone knows, Lu Yunqi hides selfishness, and finds any reason to deceive Jiang Youshu into Wu Desi, and tortured by ghost hands. At that time, he declares that his doctors are kind, and he personally diagnoses and treats the stubborn illness for the prisoner. In the end, he can easily solve the problem with the illusion of dying from the stubborn illness. .

Zhu Zan knew that the situation in the north was critical, so he begged Chu Rangyun to go with his father, but he was reprimanded. Lu Yunqi appointed Jin Shiba to follow Jun Jiuling and take her back to the capital after the other party resolved the vaccinations in the Northland. At this time, Jun Jiuling, under the escort of Master Lei and others, was still intact, but the Wu Desi staff always followed behind, keeping every step of the way.

Fang Jinxiu received the letter and learned that Jun Jiuling had solved the problem of vaccination and found out the source of the vaccination. It was only because the doctors wanted to use fake vaccination to cause death. But since the incident was resolved, Jun Jiuling seemed to have evaporated, without any news, even Zhang Baotang couldn't find any clues.

Chu Jiuling was invaded by wind and cold, which made her ill in bed and extremely weak. After being diagnosed and treated by the imperial physician, the prescription was prescribed, and there was no serious problem. Lu Yunqi dropped her heart and told her to take care of her body and not let Wang Huai experience the pain of losing her sister again. Hearing what Lu Yunqi said, Chu Jiuli was curious about the reason why he took good care of their siblings. Lu Yunqi did not respond. He sat alone by the promenade in a daze, thinking of Chu Jiuling's little things.

At night, spies sneaked into the prime minister's mansion and discussed countermeasures with the prime minister. Originally, he planned to become the king and die on the battlefield. Unexpectedly, Beiqi was defeated and wanted to seek peace. Prime Minister Huang disagreed with Beiqi's request for peace, and he was firm. In order to avenge his bereavement, he ordered the spy to convey his attitude to the monarch of Beiqi on his behalf. Only when Beiqi sent his troops to the northern expedition and obtained the head of Xiangshang from the father and son of Chengguo, he was resolute. Will help Beiqi complete his great cause.

King Beiqi responded to Prime Minister Huang’s request and formally ordered a declaration of war. Chu Jiuling learned of the incident and decided to continue going north, not only to arrange for the common people’s vaccination, but also to minimize accidents, so that Cheng Guogong would have no worries and feel at ease to fight. foreign enemy. Liu'er, Chen Qi and others helped, Master Lei took over the burden of sorting medicinal materials and was extra serious and responsible.

Prime Minister Huang knew that the battle was unfavorable for Bei Qi, and he had to raid Kai De Mansion if he wanted to crack the law. Only in this way could he force Chu to be transferred back to Cheng Guo Gong. After all, if the Kai De Mansion fails, the consequences are unpredictable. Prime Minister Huang grasped Chu Rang's heart disease, so he openly asked for an order from the court.

Uncle Ning put forward a different point of view. He believed that Cheng Guogong had been fighting with Beiqi in the North Land, and he could no longer get away. If he was transferred back at this time, I am afraid that the North Land would be slaughtered. However, the civil and military officials of the Manchu dynasty, except for Uncle Ning for the sake of the people in the north, others were afraid of the forces of Prime Minister Huang, and they echoed their advice.

Chu Rang pondered over and over again, and the edict Xuan Cheng Guo Gong returned to the Kaide Mansion. In order to put him to death, Prime Minister Huang suggested that Chu Rang issue a few more edicts to demonstrate the importance of the imperial court to Cheng Guo Gong. At this time, Zhu Zan asked Li Sanbing and Zhang Baotang to summon the Yunxiao Pavilion people to go to Hebei West Road first, while he untied all the horses and escaped from the prison guard. The news soon reached the hall, Chu Rang made an order to arrest, and Lu Yunqi informed everyone to pursue it desperately.

Chu Jiuling's team went all the way north, and while resting on the way, they suddenly discovered that Madam Yu was besieged by bandits. Considering that Wu Desi's people were all behind, Chu Jiuling made a plan for the time being and ordered everyone to save people first. Sure enough, those Beiqi soldiers disguised as bandits saw Jin Shiba's army coming from all directions, and they did not dare to act rashly and fled after hearing the wind.

After Mrs. Yu was saved, Chu Jiuling treated her injured ankle and told the team to change the route to the Daming Mansion. Although Jin Shiba did not take action from beginning to end, his identity already played a deterrent effect, otherwise Bei Qibing would not give up easily. Chu Jiuling knew that he would capture herself back to the capital sooner or later, but before the incident happened, she still thanked him.

When Zhu Zan shook off the tail of the capital and rushed to Hebei West Road, he happened to find that the North Qi scattered soldiers had killed the people and captured many young women, so he sneaked into the attack at night. Fortunately, Li Sanbing came to respond, and the two cooperated tacitly and quickly settled the skirmish.

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