After a long journey, Chu Jiuling returned to Zezhou smoothly, and at the same time saw Fang Chengyu in the inn. The two of them hadn't seen each other for a long time. Naturally, they were very happy and talked about their daily routines. However, before stepping into Zezhou City, Fang Chengyu sent someone to inform the people of the city, meaning Jun Jiuling is strong.

Although Chu Jiuling had some worries, she saw that Fang Chengyu was completely kind, so she didn't care about it anymore. Fang Cao had already heard about Jun Jiuling’s famous deeds in the capital, which was very gratified, and asked her about Fang Jinxiu's situation and learned that Fang Jinxiu had organized Jiulingtang well, which made him feel relieved.

At the same time, Ning Yunzhao was secretly depressed, not only wondering why Jun Jiuling came back suddenly, but also because of her mother's opinion about him. Fortunately, Father Ning is more open-minded. He knows that his son likes Jun Jiuling. Besides, this woman has a good name and was named the county head by the present sage. If he could marry into the Ning family, it would be a good match.

Li Sanbing and Zhang Baotang tracked down the bookstore based on Prime Minister Huang’s daily whereabouts, and found that the person behind him was an ordinary scholar, Zhang Siming, and went to the Superintendent of the Shepherd to inform Zhu Zan of the incident. It was speculated that Zhang Siming was probably sent by North Qi. spy. Zhu Zan realized that it was not good, and immediately asked Zhang Baotang to send a letter to Cheng Guo Gong, reminding him to be careful.

Encouraged by his father, Ning Yunzhao took the initiative to find Jun Jiuling. One asked her why she returned to Zezhou, and the other was to increase the relationship between the two. After finishing all the accounts, Fang Chengyu ordered Santao to buy him steamed buns from the newly opened shop. He wanted to send it to Jun Jiuling while it was hot, but when he saw that Ning Yunzhao was also there, he suddenly became unhappy.

Precisely because Fang Chengyu remembered the original marriage contract between the two families, and wanted to fight the injustice for Jun Jiuling, his words and deeds were exposed, and he targeted Ning Yunzhao everywhere, trying to force him to retreat. Ning Yunzhao ignored Ning Yunzhao as much as possible and suggested that Jun Jiuling go back to Beijing with him to put pressure on Lu Yunqi, so that the other party did not dare to act rashly.

Unexpectedly, Fang Chengyu took over the conversation and deliberately claimed that Mrs. Ning was bedridden by the incident. If the time for saving parents is not up, Ning Yunzhao will return to Beijing early, which is equivalent to sending the handle to Yu Shi. Make a fuss with this. Chu Jiuling agreed with Fang Chengyu's point of view, and she had other things to do when she returned to Zezhou, so Ning Yunzhao heard what she meant and could only stand up and leave.

After Ning Yunzhao left, Chu Jiuling exposed Fang Chengyu's careful thoughts on the spot, and blamed him for never doing this again, and explained that Ning Yunzhao always helped him, how could he avenge revenge. On the way home, Ning Yunzhao remembered Fang Chengyu's attitude towards him, and finally understood his true intentions.

That night Chu Jiuling received a letter from Fang Jinxiu and learned that there was a problem with the vaccinia on Hebei West Road. A dozen children died one after another. At this moment, Bei Qi increased his troops to the border and his cavalry was tens of thousands. . Now that the situation is serious, Chu Jiuling is determined to go to Hebei West Road to solve the vaccination personally, so as not to be distracted by Cheng Guogong. Fang Chengyu knew he couldn't persuade her, so he planned to send more people to find Master Lei in private and ask him to escort him personally.

Father Ning wanted to bring the two marriages together, so he specially booked a banquet in Shunde Building and sincerely invited Fang Cao, Liu and others to discuss marriage. Originally Chu Jiuling didn't want to participate, but thought that Ning Yunzhao still didn't know that she was leaving Zezhou, so she took the opportunity to say goodbye to him, and completely talked about it. Even if she didn't become a couple, she can still be a confidant. Ning Yunzhao was relieved, and used tea instead of wine to toast her peace during the long journey.

Fang Cao came to the appointment, indicating that the Fang family had no intention of getting married. Just as Father Ning said everything nicely and apologized for what happened before, Mrs. Ning suddenly appeared and spoke out against her proudly. Seeing this, Liu echoed Fang Cao's back. After a bitter battle, he mocked Mrs. Ning thoroughly and did not wait for Ning's father to speak, and immediately went home.

Seeing Jun Jiuling packing her luggage in the room, Fang Chengyu proposed to follow her to Hebei West Road, but was rejected. Early the next morning, Chu Jiuling saw Master Lei and was very pleasantly surprised. Fang Chengyu watched the team go away, unable to conceal his disappointment. He also thought about confessing to Jun Jiuling, and worried that the confession would fail. If you can't do it, it's better to maintain the current relationship.

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