Ever since Prime Minister Huang entered the palace and impeached Guo Gong and his son Zhu Zan, others have also left. Chu Jiuling knew that the Huang family would never let go of Wanqing, so she asked her to take a breath-holding pill, which was transported out of the city by Li Sanbing and Zhang Baotang. . Now that Zhu Zan has entered the Wu Desi, his life and death are unknown. Chu Jiuling calms everyone's emotions and must not act impulsively. The most urgent task is to find a way to inquire about the news.

Xian Wang suddenly visited Jiuling Hall and invited Jun Jiuling to have a pulse in the mansion on the grounds that his concubine was suffering from illness. Although in the eyes of outsiders, the virtuous king is nothing more than a king and grandson who is obsessed with femininity and extravagance, but Chu Jiuling knows very well that the twelve emperors had studied hard and had great ambitions. The reason why he pretended to be a useless person was nothing more than Mingzhe's protection. Only in this way can Chu Rang put down his guard and avoid siblings.

Chu Jiuling took advantage of the Ji concubine's retreat, and begged the King Xian to save Zhu Zan's life, because she had important matters and had to leave the capital first. After obtaining the promise of the virtuous king, when Chu Jiuling learned that Zhu Zan was tortured, she first dissuaded Zhang Baotang and Li Sanbing, and immediately went to negotiate with Lu Yunqi, saying that if he could let Zhu Zan go, he would definitely stay away from the capital.

Because of Chu Jiuling's words, Lu Yunqi accepted the deal, and at the same time agreed to let her go to prison to heal Zhu Zan. Wu Desi screamed again and again, and Zhu Zan was too seriously injured, and he has been struggling so far with just one breath. Chu Jiuling was heartbroken because of this, she was crying while taking medicine, and told Zhu Zan to live, otherwise everything she did would be meaningless.

At this time, King Xian made up an excuse, claiming that Zhu Zan was good at eating, drinking and having fun, which was in line with his taste. He hoped that Chu Rang would let him go, but he was rejected and he had no choice but to return to his home. In fact, taking into account Cheng Guogong’s prestige, Chu Rang never thought about taking Zhu Zan’s life. He only used this to test the thoughts of courtiers. However, no one of the Manchu civil and military officials dared to intercede for Zhu Zan, but made him a little worried. The prime minister's power is so powerful that sooner or later it will be a scourge.

Lu Yunqi retaliated with grievances, secretly instructing the ghost hand to torture Zhu Zan, Chu Rang closed one eye, and told him not to hurt his life. Chu Jiuling explained to everyone about leaving Beijing and handed over the medical clinic to Fang Jinxiu to take care of him. In the future, he would only sell medicines and not sit for consultations, which can reduce a lot of right and wrong.

Taking into account Chu Jiuling's comfort, Fang Jinxiu sent Chen Qi to escort her and Liuer back to Zezhou. At any rate, there was a caregiver on the road. However, on the day of leaving the city, Wu Desi's gang never found trouble, so it was known that Li Sanbing and Zhang Baotang had stopped her for her. Under the reminder of Lu Yunqi, Prime Minister Huang learned of Chu Rang's thoughts and was very frightened. He hurriedly entered the palace to intercede for Zhu Zan, saying that it was not Zhu Zan's fault that Ma was frightened and hurt Dogzi, and he would not be held accountable.

Chu Rang sensed that Prime Minister Huang wanted to take advantage of the opportunity to win over the hearts of the people, and he took care of himself. He responded to his wishes and ordered Zhu Zan to go to the secretary to supervise the horses, that is, to preserve the face of Prime Minister Huang, and to teach Zhu Zan a lesson. Remembering Jun Jiuling's words, Zhu Zan finally got out of prison, gave Lu Yunqi a cruel word before leaving, and left with a smile. Seeing that Zhu Zan could walk on the ground in just a few days, Guishou sighed Jun Jiuling's superb medical skills.

When Fang Chengyu heard that his cousin was going back to Zezhou, he was so excited that he decided to go to the post and wait for her. Chu Jiuling worshipped Jun Yingwen alone, sitting in front of the tomb and telling what happened in the past year. She didn't know that Ning Yunzhao entered Zezhou ahead of time. Although he admitted that the marriage contract was fraudulent, his feelings for Jun Zhenzhen still existed. Madam Ning saw that Ning Yunzhao admitted that she liked Jun Zhenzhen, and she hated the woman who was very scheming. Her precious son had been fascinated.

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