In just a few months, Fang Chengyu's temperament has become more stable, even if he knows that Ning Yunzhao likes Jun Zhen, if he thinks of someone who knows how to accompany him better than him, no matter how jealous he is, it will be relieved. As the second sister, Fang Yuxiu was very pleased that his younger brother finally grew up, and also worried about whether the Ning family could accept the cousin. After all, the cancellation of the marriage contract was known throughout the city.

The Ning family came out of the No. 1 Scholar, and it has spread throughout Zezhou. There are a steady stream of people who come to the door to be happy, including officials and women who want to be a matchmaker, and Madam Ma, who has learned of the rumors in Beijing in advance. Originally, Mrs. Ning was kept in the dark, but when she learned that her son had threatened to marry Jun Zhenzhen as his wife, she almost fainted.

When the imperial city gate opened, Ning Yunzhao walked across the street in red, and the people walked along the road to welcome them. Naturally, it was very lively. Chu Jiuling had never liked to join in the fun, but she wanted to cheer for Ning Yunzhao. One thanked the other side for his kindness to relieve the siege, and second, Lu Yunqi was a little jealous of his great influence.

However, Zhu Zan had no idea about Jun Jiuling's thoughts, and mistakenly thought that she was going to be the wife of the champion, and it was inevitable that she was a little jealous. Li Sanbing and Zhang Baotang searched both inside and outside the capital. There were no clues to the orphans of thousands of families. They fell into a stalemate for a while. On the other hand, Lu Yunqi's obsession with Chu Jiuling continued unabated, and he actually had the idea of ​​destroying if he didn't get it.

For several days after that, whenever Chu Jiuling went to the officials’ mansion of the DPRK and the Central Government for medical treatment, Wu Desi came here as if he heard the wind. . The first is Han Xueshi, followed by Mr. Wang, all related to Jiulingtang without exception. Thinking of this, Chu Jiuling personally went to Lu Yunqi to speak clearly and warn him not to involve innocent people anymore. Unexpectedly, Lu Yunqi laughed wildly after hearing this, as if he heard a great joke.

Huang Cheng has a high degree of power, and his son Huang Ziqing bullies others and is extremely arrogant. He often searches for money and money from various merchants and officials. Since the memorial of the impeachment of Cheng Guogong by the Court of Admonition has been stopped by Mr. He, Mr. Tang, who was allied with the prime minister, came to discuss with Huang Ziqing and asked him to make suggestions. He has not yet noticed that the orphans of thousands of families are hiding in the crowd, waiting for an opportunity to get revenge.

Chu Jiuling recognized that the flower girl dressed up in the farmhouse was Wan Qing, and felt vaguely uncomfortable. Wan Qing deliberately fell to the ground, attracting the lecherous Huang Ziqing, and pierced the opponent's chest with a knife while he was not prepared. The guards of the Prime Minister's Mansion were seriously injured. Lu Yunqi and Huang Cheng and the like came one after another. Seeing the knife penetrated into the heart, the imperial physicians might find it difficult to survive.

It is rumored in the capital that the goddess doctor Jiuling has always had a magical rejuvenation technique. Prime Minister Huang had heard of it for a long time, and he didn't care about the presence of people around him, so he immediately begged. Wan whispered hoarsely to stop her, even if she was beaten all over by the guards. Chu Jiuling couldn't bear it, and under all eyes, she only helped Prime Minister Huang and agreed to treat Huang Ziqing.

This step by step towards Huang Ziqing, and the tens of thousands of cries, is it not the pain that tears at the bottom of Chu Jiuling's heart. Zhu Zan knew that her move would sooner or later be infamy, so he deliberately let Ma be frightened and trample Huang Ziqing to death, successfully stopping Jun Jiuling's subsequent behavior.

Because of Zhu Zan's appearance, Prime Minister Huang insisted that he deliberately killed his son. Chu Rang ordered Zhu Zan to be beheaded. Yuan Bao believed that the matter was related to Cheng Guogong and suggested that he must think twice. Finally, he planned to escort Zhu Zan into Wu Desi with a hundred sticks.

Wu Desi’s notoriety lies in the fact that no matter how bad people come in, no matter how bad or good they come in, they can’t get out. Especially the torture is extremely cruel and famous. There is also an extremely abnormal ghost doctor inside, who is good at torturing people for fun. I really enjoyed the process of watching a living person's skin covered with scars and then applying the wound medicine by hand.

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