With the end of the palace exam, Ning Yunzhao lived up to expectations and became the champion of the new discipline as he wished. Lu Yunqi sent someone to ask Jun Jiuling to diagnose and treat Wang Huai. After he confirmed that he was still healthy, he had to get acne inoculation. In order to confirm her inner guess, Princess Jiuli not only expressed her gratitude to Jun Jiuling, she even cordially took her hand and inquired about her personal situation side by side.

Chu Jiuling was afraid that she could not suppress her emotions, so she had to find an excuse to leave so as not to be seen through by the other party. Lu Yunqi and Jiuli proposed to keep Jun Jiuling in the house to facilitate the care of Jiu Rong. Chu Jiuli happily agreed, and after she repeatedly tried to stay, Chu Jiuling could not refuse, but stayed by the bed and put Jiu Rong to sleep.

Considering that Chu Jiuling didn't change clothes, Jiuli prepared her sister's favorite Luo skirt in the past. Although Chu Jiuling guessed that it was most likely the eldest sister's temptation, she thought she had changed her face, even if she wore it once tonight. As a result, this dress evoked Chu Jiuli's miss for her younger sister, and even Jiu Rong mistakenly took her on the spot.

The three siblings were close at hand and couldn't recognize each other. Chu Jiuling resisted the tears and turned around and walked away. She didn't know that the back of her leaving fell into Lu Yunqi's eyes, and he was even more convinced of the previous inferences. The next day, Lu Mansion hired Jiulingtang in the name of being a concubine. Chu Jiuling came back from the outside and looked at the large boxes of treasures and jade in the medical hall.

Fang Jinxiu and Liuer were indignant about this and wanted to find a good solution. Chu Jiuling knew that Lu Yunqi’s behavior was to ruin his own reputation, so she ordered Chen Qi to go to Lu's house together and return the betrothal gift in public. The other party has completely torn his face, and must not cause any more trouble, and should be resolved as soon as possible.

At the same time, in order to reduce or exempt the taxation of the people in the capital, Zhu Zan simply took a virtuous king who had always ignored the affairs of the state to wander the streets and alleys, allowing him to experience the suffering of the people firsthand. Because the King Xian had a pivotal position in the royal family, his words could have a deterrent effect on Chu Rang. Just as the two discussed this, Zhang Baotang hurried over to tell Lu Yunqi's concubine truthfully.

Zhu Zan was furious when he heard the words, so he turned around and went to Jiulingtang instead to entertain the virtuous king. Seeing his aggressive appearance, Chu Jiuling couldn't help but find it interesting, and frankly said that he had sent the offer back. As for the result, he still needs to wait.

Chen Qizheng proceeded to tell him, without even looking at Lu Mansion, even in the crowd, instructed the medical staff to move the box from the carriage to the door, and at the same time returned the previous eight thousand taels of silver notes. Seeing that Chen Qi was so arrogant, the deputy commander Jin Shiba drew his sword out of his scabbard in anger. After all, Chen Qi was still too young, which made him a little jealous.

Lu Yunqi was obstructed by the Fang family's order to prevent Jin Shiba and his subordinates from doing things, but calmly told Chen Qi to tell Jun Jiuling that even if he refused to marry today, he will have a long time to come. Because of this incident, Chen Qi felt a sigh of anger. On the way back, he was chatting and laughing with the guys. On the contrary, Chu Jiuling and others waited anxiously in the medical hall. They were relieved to see him safe and sound.

Zhang Baotang and Li Sanbing knew that Jun Jiuling dared to resign publicly, and couldn't help but praise him with a thumbs up. But after finishing the praise, they suddenly remembered that Master Wan was framed for corruption by Huang Cheng's son. Because Lord Wan's granddaughter escaped, in order to avoid attracting Wu Desi's attention, Zhu Zan asked him to investigate the whereabouts of the two secretly.

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