When Lu Yunqi heard that Zhu Zan went down the mountain without authorization, he immediately led his people to arrest him. But at a critical moment, Zhu Zan returned from outside, not only dismissed Lu Yunqi by virtue of the imperial decree, but even brought back Zhou's descendants from the death row, proving that they would be exempt from the death penalty if they were successful in inoculation. . Everyone in the room knew that Zhou Bentang was framed by others, so that he could bear the crime of collaborating with the enemy. Moreover, the only thing Zhu Zan can do is to protect his offspring as much as possible, so Chu Jiuling promised to let Zhou Jing and Maomao Safe and sound.

That night, Zhu Zan made the ginseng soup and sent it to him. Although Chu Jiuling found it difficult to swallow, she cherished the soup very much and expressed her gratitude to the other party. The two have experienced life and death difficulties, and their relationship has improved significantly. From the initial acquaintance of generality to the present, there is still an unspeakable relationship that needs to be broken.

In a blink of an eye, the patients in the Qingshan Hospital were completely recovered. It was with excitement and gratitude that they went down the mountain to go home after giving a big gift to a group of doctors. Because Jiulingtang succeeded in inoculating acne, it became famous all over the world. People in Zezhou and Runan also rushed to Beijing to get acne inoculation. On the contrary, the imperial doctors who were waiting to see the joke were very unconvinced.

Chu asked Xuanzhaojun Jiuling to enter the palace to receive the reward, just wanting to see if this woman was really like the rumors from the outside world. Even though Chu Jiuling knew she was going to Longtan Tiger's Lair, she was looking forward to this day for too long, and it was time to face her father-killing enemy on the throne again. Zhu Zan noticed that Jun Jiuling was worried, but couldn't guess what she was thinking, until he heard the other party admit that he was avenging Princess Jiuling and her father, which proved that Jun Jiuling was willing to confide in him.

Reaping this joy, Zhu Zan took Chu Jiuling to the wild scene, and looked at the fireflies in the sky with great feelings. Never thought that Chu Jiuling had not absorbed Zhu Zan's romantic feelings at all, but thought that Sedum could be used as medicine to treat illness, which was indeed a bit destructive to the atmosphere.

On the day of entering the palace, Chu Jiuling specially called Doctor Feng to go with her to face the saint, and in the court hall, she was generous, neither humble nor overbearing. Jiang Youshu deliberately seized the method of vaccination, hoping that Jun Jiuling could hand over this prescription to the Taiyuan Hospital so that everyone could study in Beijing and promote it in various regions.

However, as soon as the voice fell, Chu Jiuling objected. She did not agree with Jiang Youshu's point of view, claiming that the method of vaccination still needs to be learned in practice. In order to avoid the recurrence of the acne epidemic, Chu Jiuling recommended that Dr. Feng be responsible for the assessment and promotion of acne. Moreover, he is very senior and has played an indispensable role in the diagnosis and treatment of acne, so he is the best candidate.

Because of Chu Jiuling's courage to see people, Chu Rang admired her and approved her proposal. At the same time, she was afraid of this kind of proactive personality. Chu Jiuling suddenly remembered Chu Rang's sensitivity and suspiciousness, so she showed great joy and begged Chu Rang to grant her a title.

The court officials were in an uproar, and what made them even more incredible was that the current sage readily agreed to bestow Jun Jiuling as the head of Shanyang County, dispelling many inner doubts. Zhu Zan led Zhou Jing and Mao Mao to wait outside the palace until Jun Jiuling appeared and said that he would send them to other provinces.

Zhang Baotang saw that Jun Jiuling was a little bit reluctant, and proposed to let her accept her as a godfather. Unexpectedly, Zhou Jing and Mao Mao called out Jun Jiuling's godfather at the same time, and at the same time recognized Zhu Zan as godfather. Watching Zhou Jing and Maomao leave in a carriage, Chu Jiuling was inexplicably sad and wanted to cry, but she knew that this was the most ideal result and could ensure that the two children grew up safely.

Since meeting Jun Jiuling, Chu Rang couldn't make a judgment from her words and deeds, so he asked Lu Yunqi's thoughts. In order to protect Jun Jiuling, Lu Yunqi lied that this woman was even more innocent, and that a woman who yearned so much for the powerful, shouldn't be afraid of it. At the same time, Chu Jiuling learned that Ning Yunzhao had participated in the scientific examination and had achieved excellent results, so she simply sent someone to give a gift.

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