After Jun Jiuling left, Lu Yunqi deliberately tried Jiuli and told her the name of the hospital. Sure enough, Chu Jiuli was slightly stunned when she heard the words. Even if she quickly covered up with a smile, the expression at that moment could not be hidden from Lu Yunqi. On the other hand, Fang Cao, after understanding the causes and consequences, readily agreed to send the hand-enforcing to the capital. At the same time, Fang Chengyu was pleased that Fang Chengyu was already in charge of the Fang family. At the same time, Fang Chengyu also confessed that he really likes Jiuling, and if Jiuling is willing, he will truly marry her.

Ever since Chu Jiuli knew Jun Jiuling’s name, he couldn’t help but prying at her. Lu Yunqi stood outside the door and spied and found that Chu Jiuling always showed sadness when facing the king, but he couldn’t express it in person. , But turned his head and wept silently. Chu Jiurong's appetite greatly increased, and Jiuli immediately went to the kitchen to cook for him when he saw this, and Lu Yunqi had to leave first.

Because Wang Huai was withdrawn by nature and always resented the approach of strangers, when he saw his eldest sister leaving, he declared that he needed a rest and sent Chu Jiuling away. As everyone knows, Chu Jiuling took the tears and went out, hiding in the corner and crying bitterly, praying for her brother to get better as soon as possible, and wait for her to return. Until Chu Jiuli made the noodle soup, Chu Jiuling was worried that someone might be poisoned, so she carefully checked every dish on the grounds that the medicine was contradictory to make sure it was correct before eating.

Chu Rang learned that Jun Jiuling had cured the king, and cursed the woman for a bad thing. However, Lu Yunqi believed that the recovery of the King’s heart might be beneficial to Chu Rang. After all, if the son of the first emperor died suddenly, it might arouse people’s suspicion and damage Chu Rang’s reputation. Because of Lu Yunqi's remarks, Chu Rang no longer blames Jun Jiuling. In fact, Zhu Zan wants to know what happened that day and why Lu Yunqi not only gave up on smashing the plaque, but also helped her in this way.

Now that Chu Jiuling has been in the palace for a few days for treatment, Lu Yunqi saw that there was nothing wrong with the king, so he went to the palace to urge Princess Jiuli to return home. Chu Jiuli couldn't refuse, and suddenly thought of what Lu Yunqi had said, suspecting that Chu Jiuling might really be her younger sister in reincarnation. The next day, Chu Jiuling saw that Jiu Rong stayed in the room and was bored, so he took him to swing in the courtyard. The two got along very happily. Lu Yunqi happened to see this scene.

The hospital came to the hospital for consultation, and Wang Huai went back to the room first. Lu Yunqi knew that he had never been close to others, and he was talking and laughing with Jun Jiuling, just like the old days, it was really incredible, and he simply expressed his doubts. Chu Jiuling didn't want to talk to him more, and simply dealt with it and left. At this time, Jiang Youshu confirmed that Chu Jiurong had recovered completely, and immediately proposed that the Tai Hospital take over. Chu Jiuling was worried that his younger brother's body would be delayed by the imperial physician again, and deliberately warned Jiang Youshu, so that he did not dare to use his hands and feet.

Chen Qi was about to return to Zezhou soon. Fang Jinxiu was a little bit disheartened. Knowing that he was entrusted by the Fang family to take care of herself, she simply asked to stay at twice the price. Chen Qi was naturally overjoyed. After Chu Jiuling bid farewell to Jiu Rong, he left the palace and learned through the medical hall that Fang Chengyu had sent the handwritten letter, so he was worried that this matter would anger Chu Rang.

Chu Rang learned in advance that he was concerned about the relationship between Jun Jiuling and the Fang family. I am afraid it was not as simple as his grandparents. However, since the seal letter was still in the hands of the Fang family, he really did not dare to act rashly. He had to observe the situation before making plans. . The matter of Jun Jiuling cured the king, spread all over the streets and alleys, and Jiulingtang became famous. Even if Uncle Ning looked at her with admiration, to avoid Ning Yunzhao putting too much thought on the love of his children and delaying the entrance examination for fame , So he beat him.

Not long after, a pair of country mothers and daughters were greeted in the capital. The two of them were hiding their faces and suspected of fleeing, but they went to the hospital to find them until they came to the door, so they took off their towels, revealing their acne-stricken faces. The guy in charge of the pavilion saw this, his expression changed drastically.

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