Chu Jiuling's attitude completely angered Lu Yunqi, and he was about to draw his sword to face each other, but Zhu Zan suddenly appeared. The two had a deep grievance, and this time they would not give up easily. One wanted to smash the plaque and the other to block it. But in the end, it was Lu Yunqi who attacked Zhu Zan and kicked the plaque over when he was distracted.

Because of this, Chu Jiuling rushed forward to block the plaque regardless of his life concerns. If Zhu Zan hadn't protected her in time, she would have been seriously injured. When Lu Yunqi saw this, he satirized Jun Jiuling for protecting each other with his fate, but it didn't mean that he would be able to fulfill his wish. Chu Jiuling saw that there were many people in Wu Desi, and knew that Zhu Zan was not their opponent, so she asked Lu Yunqi to come in to talk in private.

Entering the Jiuling Hall, Chu Jiuling dismissed others, bluntly saying that Lu Yunqi had a bad omen, and the people he cared about in his heart never dreamed and resented him very much. Lu Yunqi sneered at this, but when he saw the prescription made by Chu Jiuling himself, he was shocked by the writing on it. Immediately walked out of the medical hall, regardless of the plaque, but led Wu Desi and everyone to leave.

When Fang Chengyu received a report from Beijing, he found that an imperial doctor was in trouble because he was pregnant with the king's condition. He was afraid of being angered by Chu, and simply converted the seller's property into a silver bill in Deshengchang in order to withdraw and escape. Therefore, Fang Chengyu sent someone in the capital to find out the reason. Therefore, he learned that the king was not seriously ill, and that he was suffering from serious illness because of too many repetitions. Chu Jiuling concerned about the safety of his younger brother and was able to get close to him. Reveal yourself to Lu Yunqi.

At this time, Lu Yunqi compared the prescriptions prescribed by Chu Jiuling and confirmed that the handwriting was correct, and doubts arose in his heart, thinking about the true identity of Jun Jiuling. After all, he had seen Chu Jiuling's shadow in the other party. But the fact is that Chu Jiuling was killed in a sea of ​​flames. Even Chu Jiuli could not deny it. However, Lu Yunqi was still testing Chu Jiuli, suspecting that the man was the soul reincarnation of Chu Jiuling. Such suspicion that penetrated into his bones confirmed the landing. With Yunqi's extreme psychology, even if Chu Jiuli believed that her sister was reincarnated, she did not want her to return to her side and suffer another pain.

Chu Jiurong's illness became more and more serious and soon spread throughout the capital. The imperial physicians diagnosed him as suffering from rat sores. According to previous medical records, it was basically a disease of a lifetime of nine deaths. In order to throw the mess to Jiulingtang, Jiang Youshu personally went to the palace and recommended suitable doctors, which aroused Chu Ran's anger.

It happened that Lu Yunqi was also here for this. He bluntly said that Jun Jiuling is the grandson of the Fang family. When Zhu Zan heard the imperial decree conveyed to Jiulingtang, he hurriedly went to Jun Jiuling and informed the cause of the danger. He promised to save her life if cured, and protect the Fang family if it is not cured, without worrying about the Fang family being implicated.

Zhu Zan regarded Chu Jiurong as his own brother, and Chu Jiuling's intention was also in his eyes. He was sincere and moved. He couldn't help but hug him directly, and then went to the Royal Palace to see a doctor. Ning Yunzhao heard that the rat sore was a terminal illness, and was very worried about it. He looked for some related books, but he was scolded by his uncle.

When Chu Jiuling entered the mansion, seeing his younger brother's weak appearance, she endured the pain in her heart, and carefully examined Chu Jiurong's body, and found that he did not suffer from rat sores at all, which was quite lucky. In order to cover people's eyes and ears, according to the imperial physician, Chu Jiuling admitted the fact of rat sores, pretending to make relevant tonics, but in fact replaced the medicines and did not allow anyone to approach.

In the past few days, Chu Jiuling has done her own work. Whether it is from decocting the medicine to feeding the medicine, she basically watched from beginning to end until Chu Jiuling's fever subsided. Fang Chengyu knew about the capital to avoid the trouble of Lu Yunqi going to the Jiulingtang again, so he begged Fang Cao to send the hand letter to the capital as a deterrent.

Wang Huai's condition gradually recovered, and everyone around him was relieved. Just as Chu Jiuling was about to go to the side hall to prepare medicinal materials, Lu Yunqi came in from the door and stopped her directly. Lu Yunqi asked Jun Jiuling why he didn't let his servants help and why he should do it himself. I never thought that Chu Jiuling was like this because he was eager to win and avoid being jokes by everyone, including him Lu Yunqi himself.

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