Chu Jiuling used wine to dissipate his sorrows. He never thought that the sorrows were still there, and added to his worries. By chance, he met Zhu Zan and his three brothers, and all of a sudden, he was full of ugliness. Zhu Zan understood that Jun Jiuling had committed the risk of entering Beijing alone and was nothing more than revenge for his relatives. He also had a deep understanding of the painful feeling of revenge, so he called Li Sanbing and Zhang Baotang over. With a few people sitting cross-legged and drinking happily around the table, Chu Jiuling naturally lessened his inner distress in this lively atmosphere.

Fang Chengyu received the letter of complaint from treasurer Liu, and learned that Jun Jiuling had done something in the capital. He wanted to conceal it for her, so Fang Cao took the letter directly. Even though Fang Cao didn't understand Jun Jiuling's behavior very much, he saw that Fang Chengyu trusted her so much, and simply ordered the treasurer Liu to give it all, without excessive speculation.

Fang Jinxiu followed Chen Qixue to be a sugar man. For the first time, she wanted to follow the example of others and shouted, but for the sake of face, she was always ashamed to speak. While Chen Qi was hiding nearby and observing, so anxious that he wanted to help him, a woman brought a child to buy sweets. Fang Jinxiu, who first saw the income, finally mustered up the courage, and soon sold out the sugar man, which surprised her.

In the following days, Chu Jiuling wandered around the city as a bell doctor as usual, giving the children candied fruit every day, which caused dissatisfaction among the surrounding people. Shopkeeper Liu was worried that Jun Jiuling would offend a large family nearby, but there was no way to stop him, so he could only follow carefully and observe the situation at any time.

Chu Jiuling deliberately wandered in front of several high-ranking officials based on the information he had previously, including Jing Zhaoyin Zhou's house. Sure enough, he met Mrs. Zhou who was going out to relax, so through facial observation, he reminded the other party to beware of bad omens, and was regarded as a liar. Boom away. Shopkeeper Liu wanted to persuade Jun Jiuling not to cause trouble again, but she never expected that Madam Zhou was indeed ill, and it could be confirmed within a few days.

Ning Yunzhao mistakenly thought that Jiuling was here for the first time and no one came to ask for consultations, so he forced Jun Jiuling to be a bell doctor on the street, so he planned to let the family go to Wang Cao to advertise Jun Jiuling's medical skills. Originally, Chu Jiuling was very happy to see Wang Cao's initiative to ask for a doctor. Just as she was about to call her pulse, she accidentally found Ning Yunzhao's person. She instantly understood that she changed her attitude and refused the consultation on the spot.

Because Chu Jiuling offended Wang Cao's family, there were rumors about her everywhere. Although her reputation spread throughout the city, she was ultimately negative. Ning Yunzhao blamed himself for causing trouble to Jun Jiuling, but thought that she was a person who is good at devising exquisite tricks, perhaps she should have her own arrangements this time, and simply no longer intervene.

When Mrs. Zhou learned about the affairs between Jun Jiuling and Wang Cao, she couldn't help but remember that she had stopped herself alone, perhaps the other party's words were true. The more such speculation, Mrs. Zhou became more sensitive and suspicious, and even heard the baby crying from the front and back of the house, which made her feel terrified, and ordered the maid to go to Jiuling Hall to find Jun Jiuling.

Chu Jiuling went through the hospital and promised to heal Mrs. Zhou within half a month, and by the way dare to ask her if she has a child. Mrs. Zhou was shocked when she heard the words, she confided in the truth, claiming to be a minister of justice, and had to destroy the fetus in her abdomen. After leaving Zhou Mansion, Chu Jiuling waited for news in the hospital, and soon received a consultation fee of 5,000 taels sent by Mrs. Zhou, which really frightened the shopkeeper Liu.

Zhang Baotang knew that Zhu Zan was close to Jun Jiuling, and often reminded him to make excuses to visit, so he and Li Sanbing took Zhu Zan to the street, which was where Jun Jiuling passed every day. When Chu Jiuling saw this, she deliberately molested Li Sanbing, Liu Er echoed by the side, and revealed Zhu Zan's old story of breaking through the wall and breaking into the wedding room, causing several others to laugh.

Since Mrs. Zhou's condition has been cured, Jiulingtang's reputation has spread in the capital, and there is an endless stream of people coming to the door. Nevertheless, Chu Jiuling did not intend to take advantage of this to open the door to make money, but chose those powerful portals, wanting to use this method to accumulate contacts in the inner courtyard of the deep house little by little, and slowly move from here to the Royal Palace.

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