Surrounded by several city soldiers, Zhu Zan headed straight to the imperial city. He had prepared a speech in advance. No matter how Chu Rang was questioned, he was neither humble nor overbearing. He insisted that he was dealing with gangsters on the outskirts of Beijing, so he resisted the decree. Beijing. In fact, long before he entered Beijing, Zhu Zan had asked his righteous brother Li Sanbing to eliminate the gangsters, thus confirming that he was true.

Although these remarks are not leaking, Chu Rang's suspicious nature will not let him go easily, so it is decided that the three divisions will try Zhu Zan. The so-called three divisions refer to Tan Song from the Dali Temple, Han Feng from the Ministry of War, and Lu Yunqi from the Wu De Division. The other two can still do business, but the grievances between Lu Yunqi and Zhu Zan are enough to make him take advantage of this to avenge his personal revenge.

During the Trial of the Three Divisions, the main thing is to start with the "Dashing to Beijing Mileage Map". This map was drawn by Zhu Zan himself, and at the same time it was lost in the shops. Zhu Zan did not deny it, and even stated that he had already made enough money for the post, which not only improved the post, but also eased the budget of the Ministry of War. Even the postcoach was quite good.

Han Feng was straightforward and admitted the incident on the spot. Unexpectedly, Lu Yunqi clearly accused Zhu Zan of being a traitor, and alluded to the Ministry of War and his accomplices. As soon as the voice fell, Han Feng was furious and couldn't stand the frame of Lu Yunqi. If Tan Song hadn't reconciled it, he would have been fighting.

As a matter of fact, what is depicted in the Chaojing Mileage Map is nothing more than the prosperous scene of the Tianyou dynasty. The Northland soldiers yearn to live and work in peace and contentment, which has never involved the location of the official government and the imperial city, nor has any precise geographic measurement. It is precisely because Zhu Zan has lived in the North for many years, knowing that they yearn for the capital, but will never be able to appear in the capital, and can only use a picture to strengthen the determination to kill the enemy in blood, and make everyone's guarding meaningful.

Zhu Zan's words resonated among the soldiers, and Lu Yunqi had nothing to say, including Tan Song, who didn't know how to deal with it, so he simply asked Chu to make the decision. Due to Zhu Zan's contribution to the Northland, for fear of hurting the hearts of the people, Chu Rang would not be held accountable for the time being on the grounds of making up for the past. Yuan Bao suggested that Chu Rang find reasons to keep Zhu Zan in the capital, and use him to contain Cheng Guogong.

After Chu Jiuling returned to the inn, he took Liu'er out to eat, and by the way, he looked for a suitable storefront. After all, if he wanted to establish a foothold in the capital, he still needed his livelihood. Only by rebuilding the Jiuling Hall can he expand his prestige. The shopkeeper Liu of De Shengchang’s Beijing branch received a letter from Fang Chengyu. He not only found a good store for Jun Zhenzhen himself, but also helped her paint the plaque with gold paint, which reduced a lot of trouble.

Ning Yunzhao accidentally saw the gift list prepared by his uncle for Lu Yunqi's wedding, and learned that Jun Jiuling had opened Jiuling Hall in the capital, so he went to look for her overnight and advised her not to be too public. Not to mention that the hospital has the same name as Princess Jiuling, and even the opening day was chosen extremely inappropriately. I was really worried that she would get into trouble because of this.

Although Ning Yunzhao persuaded him, Chu Jiuling was determined, so on the day that Lu Yunqi married Jiuli, the Jiuling Medical Center was grandly opened. Zhu Zan regained his freedom, and happened to find that Chu Jiuling was hiding in a corner to watch him. The princess gets married. Chu Jiulong cried out to keep her eldest sister. Chu Jiuling saw this scene. She was deeply saddened. She secretly vowed to speed up her revenge, hoping that Jiu Rong would wait for her for more time so that her siblings and brothers would recognize each other. Endure the pain of longing.

Seeing that Chu Jiurong was taken back to the mansion by Gu Qing, Chu Jiuling wiped away his tears and prepared to leave, unexpectedly being stopped by Zhu Zan, throwing many questions out of his head. Zhu Zan still didn't want to believe that Jun Jiuling had nothing to do with Chu Jiuling, but Chu Jiuling once again emphasized his identity and did not reveal any flaws when answering questions.

After the opening of Jiuling Hall only took a short while, the situation of thanking guests behind closed doors soon appeared. On the other hand, Chu Jiuling appeared in front of everyone as a bell doctor, and walked the streets and lanes with Liuer, trying his best to attract the attention of relatives who had friendship with the Royal Palace.

On the wedding night, Lu Yunqi was so drunk that he mistakenly regarded Jiuli as a nine-year-old at first, but when he saw the face of the other party, he instantly became sober. Lu Yunqi raised a glass of wine and spilled it on the ground, but Chu Jiuli reminded his sister never to drink, this behavior was a bit absurd. As everyone knows, Chu Jiuling was in a very bad mood at this time. For the first time, she drunk herself and took advantage of Liu'er to go out to buy wine. She couldn't help crying sadly.

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