In just a few days, there are vivid stories about Jun Jiuling's wonderful doctor and the rescue of Fang's family from water and fire. It spread throughout Zezhou and became a popular topic among the people. The second was that Mr. Fang sent a handwritten letter to establish Desheng. Chang. Because the Fang family disclosed the identity of the imperial merchant, Yuan Bao could no longer find a chance to start, so he decided to return to the capital first to report to Ming Chu.

Zhu Zan went to Fang's house to look for Jun Jiuling, but unexpectedly learned that she had left, and left a letter before leaving. The letter was an expression of gratitude, and at the same time it involved an old story stating in detail that the ransom was not sent to Beiqi, but Chu Rang deliberately intercepted it. Therefore, Jun Jiuling believed that the Fang family did know the truth, but was also retributed. Now only Fang Cao is left.

The implication is to hope that Zhu Zan will keep his promise and let the Fang family go. Until the entire text was read, "Jun Jiuling" was signed, Zhu Zan almost laughed when she didn't explain her identity. On the contrary, Fang Chengyu found Zhu Zan unconsciously smiling and asked him if he liked "Jun Zhenzhen". However, as soon as this remark came out, even Zhu Zan himself was stunned because he loved Chu Jiuling so much, but he didn't know what to do. Reply.

Chen Qi met Fang Jinxiu on the street, especially when she heard other people's discussions, so she went to talk to her and tried her best to make her happy. Even though Fang Jinxiu had a cold face throughout the whole process, Chen Qi didn't know it and kept talking, and even planned to teach her how to be a sugar man, so that Fang Jinxiu could make money to support herself by relying on her skills.

After a few days of fast horse travel, Chu Jiuling came to the capital soon. The prosperous scene in the city is still the same, Liu Erchu is pleasantly surprised, Chu Jiuling asks her to go to the Dong's butcher's shop to buy food, while she leaves the business alone. Ning Yunzhao received a letter from Zezhou and learned that Chu Jiuling and Fang Chengyu were getting married, it was nothing more than an exquisite plan. At this moment, he did not know whether to be happy or worried, and was very worried about her situation. Unexpectedly, when he was reading the letter, Chu Jiuling passed by, and the two missed each other.

Chu Rang was furious because of Yuan Bao's inability to do things, but he also thought of the Fang family's strategy for a livelihood. If they were to attack them, it would inevitably lead to speculations about the royal family from all over the world. Nowadays, as long as the Fang family is willing to be acquainted, it will no longer be troublesome, and it can still survive for a few days.

Chu Jiuling missed her elder sister and younger brother, and couldn't help but take a look at the Royal Palace. When she walked back, she overheard Wu Desi gathering people to arrest her eldest son Zhu Zan. Considering Zhu Zan's safety, Chu Jiuling decided to inform him about the news. Unexpectedly, Zhu Zan was tasting a pork shop on the street at this time, sharing Chu Jiuling's preferences with Zhang Baotang.

Because of this, Chu Jiuling hid beside her without showing up until Zhu Zan entered the palace alone, and she followed him. I never thought that Zhu Zan actually went to worship the tomb of "Chu Jiuling" in person, and at the same time took out the northern sand birch from his arms and placed it in front of the tomb. .

This scene reminded Chu Jiuling that when she was young, she had longed to see the Northland Shahua in the book, so she asked Zhu Zan to help herself retrieve it. Zhu Zan was distraught and frankly liked Jiuling. He claimed that he had heard about Chu Jiuling’s wedding and was already thinking of a way to enter Beijing. However, he was still a step too late. Later, when he met a woman who was extremely similar to her, he always felt that the grave The person in it is not Chu Jiuling.

Just when Chu Jiuling wanted to get acquainted with Zhu Zan, how unexpectedly Lu Yunqi led his men to come. Zhu Zan angrily questioned the truth about Chu Jiuling's tragic death, while Lu Yunqi remembered the insults he brought to himself when he was a child. The two fought against each other's grievances. Unexpectedly, Lu Yunqi deliberately touched the long knife mechanism, causing Zhu Zan to be injured.

Coincidentally, at this time, Yuan Bao was ordered to arrest Zhu Zan into the palace and put down the fierce battle. Chu Jiuling realized that Zhu Zan had made preparations for entering the palace a long time ago, and only hoped that he could return safely, as everyone knows, it happened to meet Ning Yunzhao head-on. Hearing that Ning Yunzhao was rushing for the exam in Beijing, Chu Jiuling sent his blessings and reminded him a few words.

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