Li Changhong suddenly died suddenly. The cause of death was strange. Everything was supposed to come to light, but the clue was broken at this time. Fang's family left the prison, discussing that Li Changhong should have planned the matter twenty years ago, but Chu Jiuling was thoughtful throughout the whole journey, and got off the car on the way, promising to return to the house before the wind banquet.

However, after getting out of the carriage, Chu Jiuling accidentally saw Yuan Bao's figure, she didn't think much about it, and secretly followed behind. Seeing Jun Zhenzhen in a hurry, Zhu Zan followed him because he was worried about her safety. The three of them entered the post with their feet back and forth. Chu Jiuling pretended to be a messenger, and hid by the door to eavesdrop on the conversation in the room, and then learned that Yuan Baolai's real plan in Zezhou was to remove the roots of the other's house.

Fang Chengyu heard that the eldest sister Jinxiu had been banned by her family many days ago, and she seemed to be in a very bad mental state, so he persuaded Fang Cao to let her go, and he went to visit with a gift. Fang Jinxiu found that her little brother was back to normal, it was naturally joyful. It was because of Fang Chengyu's comfort that she had a lot of thoughts and decided to leave Fang's house and start life again.

Fang's family is very pleased that Fang Jinxiu can cheer up again, only if she is out to practice, and can come back when she is homesick in the future. By coincidence, Liuer hurried over at this time, claiming that her lady was missing and has not returned. Everyone was shocked when they heard the words, and immediately notified the executives to go to the Yamen to report to the officials in advance. However, the new county magistrate was an inaction, and did not take such trivial matters into his eyes.

During the conversation, Yuan Bao vaguely noticed that there was someone at the door. Just as he was about to open the door and catch him, when he was about to die, another man suddenly yelled at him. Chu Jiuling followed the prestige and saw that Zhu Zan's clothes were messy, and she seemed to greet her to send hot water quickly in the voice of a guest, thus hiding the suspicion of Yuan Bao's entourage and covering Chu Jiuling's departure.

Even so, Yuan Bao hadn't dispelled his suspicion, and ordered his entourage to investigate, and found that there were no young women in the station, and even Zhu Zan's room did not look like someone had lived in it. At this time, Zhu Zan and Chu Jiuling were hiding in the grass, seeing the two horses running far side by side, and they could cope with some time for the time being. To protect Jun Zhenzhen's safety, Zhu Zan told her to return to Zezhou as soon as possible, but he took the opportunity to create chaos and disperse the pursuit.

Chu Jiuling did not return all night, and the new county magistrate's attitude was lax, Fang Cao was anxious, and had to go to the county office in person, and took out a handout from the crutch on the spot, forcing the county magistrate Liu Qing to send people around the city to search, so much fanfare , Attracted people to scramble to watch. Liu'er found Jun Jiuling standing among the crowd, overjoyed. It was unexpected that Fang Cao was both frightened and angry. She risked her life after thinking about it and gave out a hand-written statement. How could she have thought that the reason why Jun Jiuling did not return overnight was actually Go up the mountain to gather medicine.

The county magistrate Liu Qing had complaints and deliberately leaked the instructions in front of everyone. Fang Cao was speechless, and when he returned home, he rebuked Jun Jiuling for acting too inaccurately. After all, that manuscript was given as a feudal king before Chu Rang took the throne. It can protect Fang's family from being used in critical situations, and it can also make Fang's family fall into public criticism.

Knowing the importance of the manuscript, Chu Jiuling knew she was wrong, but she also had important matters to tell. When everyone retires, Chu Jiuling will tell the story about Yuan Bao yesterday and the official silver seal, confirming that the Fang family served Churang, not only using the official bank as a fortune, but also recruiting troops for Churang. Earning silver tael for him led to the death of the emperor and his brothers in Beiqi.

Many years later, the Fang Cao family realized that they had been loyal to the new emperor, who was loyal to the wolf's ambition. However, Chu Jiuling believed that the Fang family’s curse was related to Chu Rang, and now the manuscript became a reminder to provoke a murderous disaster, so she decided to protect the Fang family’s health, and asked the Fang Cao family to disclose the identity of the imperial merchant to the public. Being jealous, I dare not do anything with the other party for the time being.

Liu knew that his son liked Jun Jiuling, but he didn't want to embarrass Jun Jiuling, so he explained the causes and consequences of this marriage. Fang Chengyu was deeply shocked. He thought that he could stay with his cousin after healed his legs, but he never expected everything to be wishful thinking. Although the marriage is false, Fang Chengyu's feelings are true. He decides to give the other party freedom, and to disclose Jun Jiuling's good deeds to the outside world, hoping that the people in the city will remember her beautiful name.

That night, Chu Jiuling told Liuer to pack up and plan to leave Fang's house tomorrow. Even though Fang Chengyu was unwilling to give up, he still took out the book and left the book. Xie Jiuling protected Fang's family well, and then reluctantly said goodbye. It was not until Jun Jiuling promised that she would come back and smiled. On the day Chu Jiuling left for Beijing, Fang Chengyu ordered someone to compile the story of Jun Jiuling into a book and spread the matter through storytellers.

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