Song Yunping didn't even know that Aunt Su had been killed, and continued to gather people to surround the old house in the east of the city at night, hoping to set the courtyard on fire. I never thought that Fang Cao's family rushed to him and asked Song Yunping why he did such a bad thing. In the past, the Fang family did not neglect him at all, so how could they hide their evil intentions. It is a pity that Fang Cao's puzzle is precisely the reason why Song Yunping abandoned the open to the dark. He believed that he had worked hard for many years in Deshengchang, and still could not escape his slavery, so he responded to the sentence that the man is fortune and the bird is eaten to death.

In an instant, many government officials came in one after another, and Song Yunping was arrested and imprisoned on the spot by the order of the county magistrate Li Changhong. Chu Jiuling is far in Runan. It is expected that Fang Cao’s plan was successful, and Fang Chengyu’s condition has completely improved. She should take care of everything for Runan. I hope to be able to ask the source of the seal and arrive in the capital before Chu Jiuli’s wedding. .

Now that Fang Chengyu is healthy, he began to ask Jun Zhenzhen how to distinguish medicines, and he wanted to learn how to do business in the future to share the burden for the Fang family. Under the diagnosis and treatment of Jun Zhenzhen, Hai Ping was able to walk freely and was extremely strong, so he made a special trip to the hospital to thank him, which attracted much appreciation from the people around him.

But for a long time, Chu Jiuling received a letter from Zezhou, learned of Song Yunping's imprisonment, and informed everyone that he was ready to leave for Zezhou. Unexpectedly, county magistrate Li Changhong and Song Yunping were embarrassed. The two discussed the countermeasures and decided to send a killer to ambush halfway to completely eradicate each other.

Since Zhu Zan confirmed that Jun Zhenzhen was not a princess at the age of nine, his attitude towards her was only polite and alienated. If it hadn't been promised to escort her back and forth, I am afraid he would have already left. Chu Jiuling saw Zhu Zan doing this, and felt miserable in her heart, and the whole atmosphere was particularly embarrassing. When the team was halfway, Zhu Zan noticed something was wrong, so he asked Master Lei to take everyone away first, and he and Zhang Baotang stayed behind to stop the robbers.

After a fight, the robbers were defeated and fled. Zhu Zan was wounded and went to meet him, and Chu Jiuling personally bandaged him. Although Fang Chengyu was jealous, he was grateful to Zhu Zan for protecting them from birth to death, so he took the initiative to change his name. Zhu Zan tactfully refused to ride the carriage, and still rode forward silently. Chu Jiuling felt distressed in her eyes. She sighed for good fortune, and at the same time secretly promised that if she could go back, she would live up to him.

Fang Jinxiu lost his relatives one after another and was hit hard, hiding in the room all day, refusing to see anyone. Fang Yuxiu was concerned about the safety of her elder sister, and she personally sent it to eat, and told her servants to take good care of her. But when her front foot had just left, Fang Jinxiu broke everything again, and her whole body was distraught.

Near the border of Zezhou, the executives led people to greet him. In particular, he found that Fang Chengyu was like a normal person, and he was overjoyed, boasting that Chu Jiuling had rejuvenated. Feng County magistrate Li Changhong and Song Yunping were originally accomplices. Li Changhong tried several times to find the Fang Cao family to no avail. He had to send assassins to ambush and bribe the bandits in order to prevent them from returning to Zezhou.

With his years of combat experience, Zhu Zan cleverly avoided several ambushes, and whenever he noticed danger, he would notify everyone to take a detour. Until everyone enters a canyon, this is the place to go back to the city, even if the front is difficult and dangerous, they will pass through. As Zhu Zan expected, a group of bandits stopped at the middle of the road and uttered wild words. The scene was very similar to that of fourteen years ago. It attracted Master Lei's attention and suddenly remembered that these people were the murderers who cut off his right arm and killed Master Fang.

After 14 years of bloody enmity, Chu Jiuling used acupuncture and moxibustion to regain consciousness in his arm in order to let Master Lei vent his anger. Master Lei was grateful, and then flew forward to participate in this fight, and used the Qinglian stick technique to quickly beat the bandits.

Some mountain bandits saw heavy casualties and fled after knowing that they were lost. Zhu Zan broke the identity of the bandits as officers and soldiers. In a blink of an eye, the officers and soldiers of Zezhou County came fiercely, claiming to be bandits, but in fact they wanted to kill them, creating the illusion of their tragic deaths under the sword. Seeing that the real murderer had surfaced behind the scenes, with Zhu Zan's order, the soldiers who had previously been entrusted by Fang Cao's ambush on both sides of the canyon showed up to help, and soon the situation was brought under control.

Zhu Zan successfully sent Jiuling and his party to Zezhou and left. At this time, Li Changhong and his family had been arrested and imprisoned. Chu Rang, who was far away in the capital, received the news and appointed his father-in-law Yuan Bao to go to Zezhou to kill him, so as to avoid Li Changhong's rebirth. When Chu Jiuling and others returned to Zezhou, they did not care about reminiscing with their family members. They immediately went to the prefect’s office to interrogate Li Changhong. How did they expect that he and Song Yunping were killed at the same time.

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