During the reign of God, Emperor Zhizong died, and his second daughter Chu Jiuling was ordered to marry Wu Desi to lead Lu Yunqi. However, on the day of the wedding, the front of the temple angrily accused the new emperor Chu for killing his brother to seize the throne. It is said that Emperor Zhizong was seriously ill and died. There are very few people who know the truth, or have become an accomplice of Chu Rang and be driven by him; or have been brutally poisoned, just like Chu Jiuling, his mouth is about to die.

The deputy commander, Jin Shiba, eavesdropped on Chu Rang's secret edict and informed Lu Yunqi of the matter. The two led their men to the prison overnight, unexpectedly it was too late. According to reports, Chu Jiuling set himself on fire and was buried in the sea of ​​fire. Little did he know that before this, the genius doctor Yingwen robbed the prisoner and his daughter Zhenzhen, who had concealed it from everyone, resolutely went to death with her own body.

When Chu Jiuling woke up completely, she found that her voice had completely changed, and the bad news came to her ears. Looking back in the past, it seems like a lifetime. As a princess, Chu Jiuling should have been carefree and casual. She spent many years studying medicine as a solitary resident. Until the death of her father and the emperor, she and her elder brother and younger sister had difficulty living in the deep palace.

If it weren't for the former emperor's maid, Bing'er, who hadn't met the first emperor's maid in the hall, and learned the truth, I'm afraid it would be deceived by the adulterer. So from then on, Chu Jiuling appeared to cater to the emperor's uncle, pretending to be close to Lu Yunqi, and finally got the trust as he wished, only to have the opportunity to expose him to conspiracy in public.

Now that the father’s feud has not been reported, and the blood has been added, Chu Jiuling decided to live in place of Zhen Zhen, and under the arrangement of Jun Yingwen, he changed his surname to the emperor, so as to live up to the kindness of the Jun family’s father and daughter. However, the good times didn't last long. During the time when Jun Yingwen went up the mountain to collect medicine, he accidentally fell to his feet and died. Before he died, he explained his funeral to her.

At the beginning, Jun Yingwen was secretly investigated Churang by the emperor's order, but unfortunately he didn't have any clues, and the emperor suddenly died. Jun Yingwen's determination that the two royal murder cases are suspicious is also where Chu Rang's weakness lies. Because Chu Jiuling was so weak that she could not return to Beijing rashly and cast herself into the net, Jun Yingwen asked her to take her heirloom jade to join her maternal ancestor Fang.

A few days later, as instructed, Chu Jiuling walked south ten miles to Biyunpo Inn and met Liuer, the maid of Runan’s old house. Liu Er didn't know Chu Jiuling's true identity, and mistakenly identified her as his own Miss Jun Zhen. The master and servant got together, at first sight, the brief conversation ended, and they left for Zezhou together.

Here in Zezhou, there are outstanding people, and the Fang family is a big local family with a wealth of wealth. There are two daughters in the two bedrooms, namely Fang Jinxiu, who is lively and arrogant, and Fang Yuxiu, who is gentle and pleasant. Chu Jiuling went to Fang's house to visit his grandmother Fang Cao at the beginning. She didn't expect that she could not gain the trust of the other party only with the jade pendant.

Fortunately, Fang Cao was not a cruel person. As a mother, she was also involved in marrying her daughter. Moreover, Chu Jiuling answered the question truthfully and said that she was right, so she let her live in the mansion first. However, for Chu Jiuling, this test is nothing more than the first step to settle in Fang's family. If you want to truly gain a foothold here, you still need to find a good opportunity.

Although Chu Jiuling tried to get along well with Fang's family, it was a pity that the eldest lady had beaten her mother's wayward womb and came to ask for trouble again and again. On the contrary, Fang Yuxiu appeared to be extremely knowledgeable and reasonable. Liu Er was extremely dissatisfied and wanted to fight for Chu Jiuling. As a result, she was kind enough to do bad things, which made the relationship between her and Fang Jinxiu more rigid.

Chu Jiuling discovered from the baggage that Jun Zhenzhen and Young Master Ning’s marriage certificate was an excellent marriage, but she knew that she would never go for marriage under the pretence of her own name. Considering that the marriage certificate may prove identity, Chu Jiuling personally handed this object to Fang Cao while dining in the evening, hoping to deepen the trust of the other party.

Never thought that Young Master Ning Shi has a reputation for being dignified and trustworthy, but the wife of the Ning family is extremely influential, and regardless of the agreement between the elders of the two sides, she is advocating to deny this marriage. Fang Cao was out for a trip, and when he returned to the house, he was already in bed with anger. Chu Jiuling thought about his heart disease and needed heart medicine, so he went to see Mrs. Ning alone.

For a hundred years in Yangcheng, Zezhou, several big families have been well-known in the world, and Fang and Ning are the leaders. Later, with a solid foundation, the Ning family gradually turned to official career. More than forty people in the family were officials. They had long looked down on the so-called wealthy merchants, let alone the powerless ordinary people.

Even though the Jun family’s ancestors practiced medicine and saved the life of Old Lady Ning, in the eyes of Mrs. Ning, she can be dismissed at will. However, Mrs. Ning's attitude was tyrannical, Chu Jiuling was even more vigorous, breaking the Ning family's spending money to buy officials, and even rebelling against the client, sitting on the ground starting at five thousand taels in compensation.

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