• Title: Zannennai Kimono Encyclopedia
  • Other Names: ざんねんないきもの事典
  • Origin: Japan
  • Air date: October 7, 2020
  • Episodes: 1


A short anime based on a popular children's book that introduces the surprising characteristics of animals that are somewhat funny and cute. The creators, who are full of individuality, portray the ecology of the creatures, including songs that children can sing and conversational plays that are full of humor that even adults can laugh at.


  • Miyake Hiroki (三宅弘城) as Main Role
  • Hata Mei (畑芽育) as Main Role
  • Isomura Hayato (磯村勇斗) as Main Role
  • Niitsu Chise (新津ちせ) as Main Role



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