• Title: Shanai Marriage Honey
  • Other Names: 社内マリッジハニー; Shanai Marijjihani; In-House Marriage Honey
  • Origin: Japan
  • Air date: November 12, 2020
  • Episodes: 7


A young couple got married almost immediately after meeting each other through a dating app and did not realised that they were working for the same company. They decided to keep their marriage a secret from their company and friends. At first, both parties thought it's okay to get married without love but they gradually got attracted to each other.


  • Itagaki Mizuki (板垣瑞生) as Main Role
  • Matsui Airi (松井愛莉(まつい あいり) ) as Main Role
  • Wada Hayate (和田颯) as Support Role
  • Miyata Tappei (宮田龍平) as Support Role
  • Asami Himeka (浅見姫香) as Support Role
  • Oshida Gaku (押田岳) as Support Role
  • Nakamura Riho (中村里帆) as Support Role
  • Tateishi Toshiki (立石俊樹) as Support Role


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