Two men working as maintenance staff at Asakusa Hanayashiki, Japan's oldest amusement park, elder brother Haru (Yuki Tamaki) and younger brother Ryu (Imari Yu). The back face they have is a detective. However, Haru's younger brother, Kanji (Tsubasa Kizu), brings in "work" such as arbitration of fights between housewives and resolution of rumors between the fortune tellers, all of which are incredible. A detective is a handyman who is known only as a detective, and was called "Kuzu and stupid" by the people in Asakusa who don't speak well. Even so, Haru and Ryu, who set up the “East End Detective Office” as a result of the credit in the marriage scam that came from police officer Daikoku (Ayako Kuroda), Kanji, a Chinese who rolled into the office. We challenge full-scale detective earning business together with No. Cindy. A big trouble on the East End detective office that came right away. The mysterious man Shiraishi (Eigenori Sato) and the elite detective Aota (Yoshiki Tani) were deeply involved there.



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