• Title: AINU MOSIR
  • Other Names: アイヌモシリ; Ainu Moshiri
  • Origin: Japan
  • Air date: October 17, 2020


In recent years, the Ainu have been attracting attention. The enactment of the "Ainu New Law" is new to our memory, and the blockbuster comic "Golden Kamuy" has attracted many people to the spirituality that values ​​the diversity of their culture and coexistence with nature. There is no end to the topic, such as the Ainu cultural facility "Upopoy," which just opened in Shiraoi-cho, Hokkaido this year. The feature-length debut "Out of My Hand" depicts the suffering of African immigrants across New York, and this is the second work created over five years by the up-and-coming director Takeshi Fukunaga, who has been highly acclaimed both at home and abroad. Set in Hokkaido, where he was born and raised, through the growth of a boy who lives in Ainu Kotan on Lake Akan, he freshly reflects the real appearance of the modern Ainu people. He won the first jury special award in the history of feature-length Japanese films in the International Narrative Competition section of the New York Tribeca Film Festival, and was praised by the jury film director Danny Boyle and actor William Hart. The first starring role in this film was Mikito Shimokura, a rising star of the Ainu people. Although this is his first time acting, he played the main character, Kant, who has an impressive strong look, and challenged a life-sized role that sways his identity. Ainu also plays the main cast, and Kant's father's friend Debo is dressed as Akibe Debo, who lives in Akan and shows a wide range of activities. It embodies the role of Devo, who values ​​the Ainu tradition. Emi Shimokura, the real mother of Mikito Shimokura and a musician, played the role of Emi, the mother who gently watches over Kant. Talented groups such as Toko Miura and Lily Franky have made guest appearances, giving the work a profound feeling.


  • Miura Toko (三浦透子) as Guest Role
  • Lily Franky (リリー・フランキー) as Guest Role



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