Fortunately, Dai Sijin's modified design was very bright. The backlog of goods in Chujiang was sold out in an instant, and the mothers in the hospital were all wearing slim-fitting clothes. Even the creditors returned home satisfied and got part of the debt. Seeing Dai Sijin working so hard, Chu Jiang wanted to tell the truth about Lu Minglei many times, but he hesitated to speak, and took the initiative to call Lu Minglei, but no one answered.

On the other hand, Lu Minglei wrote letters to his daughter every month, accumulating little to express his missing. Xu Xuanxuan praised Lu Minglei's talent endlessly, but inadvertently mentioned Lu Minglei's father, which was equivalent to touching Lu Minglei's inverse scales. Obviously he was also a person who abandoned his wife and children, but he still contemptuous of his father's behavior .

As time went by, everyone in the hospital knew that Dai Sijin was selling clothes, and Ding Xiaoyi thought of Dai Sijin's difficulty, so he turned a blind eye to her. As long as the hospital leaders didn't come forward to investigate, Ding Xiaoyi didn't bother to intervene, Dai Sijin was very grateful for that.

After the last eczema incident, Chen Lanqing was inspired to intersperse two generations of raising children together in the book, which unexpectedly became popular among readers. Because of this, the editor-in-chief Lao Xu took the initiative to contact Chen Lanqing, saying that a reporter from Beijing Wentian Daily would come to the confinement center to interview, and Chen Lanqing readily took over this important task.

Taking advantage of the fact that her mother and mother-in-law were in a good mood, Chen Lanqing hurriedly mentioned the reporter's interview, which caused Chen's mother's dissatisfaction. The mother-in-law naturally hopes that the daughter-in-law will return to the workplace as soon as possible after confinement. After all, having one more person to support the family will not burden the son too much. Only Mother Chen thinks that women should rest for a while after giving birth.

Seeing that the two mothers were about to quarrel again, Chen Lanqing winked at her husband Cheng Xianxian, implying that he would take the lead as the master of the house. Cheng Xianxian replied according to his wife's wishes, coupled with Chen Lanqing's clever words, the two mothers smiled and returned to peaceful coexistence.

On the day when the reporter came to the hospital for an interview, Cheng led the way home in a hurry to get clothes and high-heeled shoes. However, Chen Lanqing's figure was out of shape after giving birth, her feet were swollen, and she couldn't show her best image to others. Just when Chen Lanqing was feeling distressed, the reporter showed up with the photographer, and happened to see Chen's mother yelling at the nurse. Chen Lanqing stepped forward to stop it but failed, instead she showed embarrassment in front of the camera.

Lu Yuanfang still couldn't figure out why Julie betrayed him, and then warned her to withdraw from the project. Julie didn't listen to Lu Yuanfang's words at all. The next day, she found the big boss crying and cried, and even won the project by retreating, replacing Lu Yuanfang as the producer.

Lu Yuanfang, who was still kept in the dark, held the baby and made a video call with his mother, and formally went through the discharge procedures. Sister Fan suggested that Lu Yuanfang send Xia Zhixiong a photo of the child, but Lu Yuanfang thought that Xia Zhixiong already had a wife, so he simply contacted Du Kexin himself. At the same time, Julie's various agents who are close to fawning over Esco finally convince her to sign the contract.

Chen Lanqing was already in a bad mood when she saw the ugly photos of herself published in the newspaper, but the leader happened to call again, and Chen's mother questioned her about the mobile phone. Chen Lanqing hoped to answer the phone first and then explain, but Cheng's mother came over with the crying child in her arms. In the end, Chen Lanqing, who was caught in the middle, almost went crazy, and could no longer control her emotional outbursts.

That night, Chen Lanqing sat alone in the bathroom in a daze, completely isolating the child's crying. Cheng Xianxian recently persuaded Chen Lanqing to take care of the children first, but these words angered Chen Lanqing, angrily reprimanding him for not understanding himself at all, and not realizing the collapse of being a mother. Afterwards, Chen Lanqing still lost his temper with Cheng Leading, and hid in the bathroom and could not come out. Cheng Leading asked a woman to help comfort her. The woman introduced herself as Wang Jia. Mothers are blessed to be able to conceive.

Mr. Meng was surprised that the company did not send a notice, and signed the project directly. Lu Yuanfang calmed Mr. Meng's emotions, and then called Julie to hand over the information. Although Lu Yuanfang could see that Julie had worked hard on this matter, she would not completely hand over the project to the other party, but officially declare war.

All the mothers in the confinement center have watched Lu Yuanfang's live broadcast, and added her WeChat friends one after another, including many bigwigs in the entertainment and investment circles. Lu Yuanfang met Bao Ma alone in the investment industry, hoping that she could introduce director Xiang Shengnan to her. Similarly, Bao Ma wanted to get to know Xia Zhixiong through Lu Yuanfang.

Dai Sijin saw a photo in the newspaper, in which were her husband Lu Minglei and Xu Xuanxuan, their behavior seemed very intimate. Lu Minglei didn't know that Xu Xuanxuan liked him at all, so his mind was full of how to get money from his wife to start a business, and he even called Dai Sijin himself to ask her to send the money. Xu Xuanxuan wanted to confess to Lu Minglei, but was interrupted as soon as she spoke, so she had to accompany Lu Minglei to leave Guangdong by car first.

Just because Dai Sijin was angry that Lu Minglei was fooling around with women out of town without telling him, she decided to pack up her things and leave the hospital, but Chu Jiang's mother tried her best to stop her. At this time, Sister Chen came to visit Dai Sijin on behalf of the colleagues of the publishing house, and took out the donations raised by everyone. By the way, if Dai Sijin went to the sea to sell clothes, it might have a very bad impact on the publishing house.

From Dai Sijin's point of view, the publishing house's job is guaranteed and stable. Even if she makes a lot of money in the sea, she is a woman after all, and she runs around with her children on an irregular basis. Dai Sijin begged Sister Chen to explain the situation to the leader and keep her job in the publishing house, and then informed Chu Jiang of the matter, and quit the partnership in the clothing business. Chu Jiang felt sorry for this, and suggested that Dai Sijin think carefully. In the future, she only needs to guide her how to buy goods. As for the income, she will be distributed according to the proportion, so that her debt burden can be reduced.


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