• Drama Title:  For the First Time in My Life 今生也是第一次
  • Origin: China
  • Release Date: Jan 27, 2023
  • Episodes: 14


In 1990, Dai Sijin, who had a traditional concept, mistakenly believed that her husband was cheating, and launched a marriage defense battle during the confinement period. However, she found that her husband’s abnormality was due to a business failure and he was being chased for debts. 

In 2008, Chen Lanqing and his wife, who faced the test of life and death in the delivery room, collided with the mothers of the previous generation due to conflicts in parenting concepts. They also re-understand the parent-child relationship because of this collision. In the end, the family understood each other, raised new lives together, and looked forward to a new future.

In 2020, Lu Yuanfang found out that she was pregnant after her divorce. During the confinement period, facing the double pressure of child rearing and career, Lu Yuanfang, who has always been independent, understood the meaning of helping each other and the meaning of "home".

Dai Sijin, Chen Lanqing, and Lu Yuanfang, three women who were born in different eras, got together again because of parenting, to discuss the true meaning of parenting and cultivate a better next generation with heart.



  • Wang Zi Wen as Lu Yuan Fang
  • Tang Yi Xin as Chen Lan Qing
  • Myolie Wu as Dai Si Jin
  • Allen Ai as Cheng Ling Xian
  • Liu Kai as Lu Ming Lei
  • Edward Ma as Xia Zhi Xiong



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