In order to find out the inner ghost hidden in the confinement center, Lu Yuanfang deliberately spread gossip and rumors to the mothers, and then used the method of exclusion to lock the identity of the author of the official account. Through the clues provided by Yu Xiaoli, Lu Yuanfang took the initiative to contact the writer named Amy, thinking that it was not easy for her to run an official account not long after she gave birth, and hoped that she could delete the article.

But Amy reminded Lu Yuanfang that instead of racking his brains to eliminate negative reports, it is better to find out the person behind the scenes who revealed the information. After all, if she does not write this article, there will still be other contributors to publicize it. Because of this, Lu Yuanfang suddenly thinks of Julie, only she knows the past between Lu Yuanfang and Esco.

Because Lu Yuanfang was under too much pressure during this period, the amount of breast milk gradually decreased, and he frequently went to the hospital to see a doctor. Although the doctor advised Lu Yuanfang to try other methods, Lu Yuanfang insisted on breastfeeding, always feeling that he owed his child and should take on the responsibility of being a mother. After calming down, Lu Yuanfang stood in the hospital lobby and dialed Julie's phone, asking to have a private talk with her.

After a detailed examination by a doctor, it was determined that Chen Lanqing was suffering from acute mastitis and was completely unsuitable for breastfeeding her child. Chen Lanqing felt very uncomfortable, as if there were two big mountains pressing on her chest, it was heavy and painful, and she couldn't express breast milk. Cheng Leading felt sorry for his wife and decided to switch from breast milk to formula feeding.

However, both Chen's mother and Cheng's mother strongly opposed it, saying that frequent problems with milk powder may affect the child's health. But the problem is that Chen Lanqing can't take care of herself, and uses potato chips to relieve pain every day. In short, as long as it is a folk remedy, she has to try it once. Cheng took the lead to apply to the company to participate, and by the way, contacted a friend to help him purchase milk powder from abroad, and finally got the two mothers to agree to breastfeed.

Now Lu Minglei is in Guangdong pretending to be a big boss to discuss business with people, and even asked Xu Xuanxuan to come forward as a secretary, completely ignoring Dai Sijin's situation. On the other hand, Ding Xiaoyi saw Dai Sijin selling gold necklaces in the hospital, and deliberately praised her, so as to help her raise the price of the necklace, at least to sell more money.

Dai Sijin always wanted to go to Guangdong to find a husband, so she took the initiative to ask Ding Xiaoyi for a week off, hoping to save a bed for herself. Knowing Dai Sijin's thoughts, Chu Jiang envied Lu Minglei for having such a good wife, and worried that it would be unsafe for Dai Sijin to take care of the children alone, so he decided to go with her.

The next morning, Chu Jiang drove to pick up Dai Sijin, and happened to meet the creditors who wanted to pay. Seeing this, Chu Jiang hurriedly started the car. Unexpectedly, the creditors chased after him and smashed the car glass with bricks. The creditor was afraid that Dai Sijin would run away and would not pay back the money, and refused to let her leave. Dai Sijin had no other choice, so he asked Chu Jiang to go to Guangzhou to find her husband Lu Minglei first.

Lu Yuanfang accompanies Aisike to live broadcast the promotion of the new drama project, and reads the script repeatedly before going on stage, looking very nervous. Fortunately, Esko comforted Lu Yuanfang carefully and relieved Lu Yuanfang's tension slightly. At the same time, Julie also came to watch the live broadcast. Hearing other people's comments on her, she felt extremely complicated.

However, the live broadcast process was not smooth. When netizens saw Lu Yuanfang dressed up and standing in front of the camera, the comments immediately exploded. They felt that she did not look like a woman who had given birth at all, and they all suspected that the previous online revelations were pure hype. Lu Yuanfang directly turned off the teleprompter, mustered up the courage to introduce herself, and told her original intention of being a producer.

At present, the main focus of women in society is how to balance family and workplace. Lu Yuanfang is also facing this situation, but she wants to break or even break through the balance. Lu Yuanfang took off his makeup in front of the camera, unreservedly showing his haggard and swollen, including stretch marks and scars on his stomach.

It is such a real side that most mothers feel the same way, tears streaming down their faces, and women who are not married or have not yet given birth also admire Lu Yuanfang's courage. In a blink of an eye, Lu Yuanfang received unanimous praise from netizens, but she was unhappy on the way back, and did not ask Julie if she had disclosed the news to Amy until she went downstairs.

The mastitis has not been relieved for a long time, all because the two mothers objected to their daughter taking medicine for weaning. Cheng Xianfeng thought of mixing it in the food, but was discovered by Chen's mother, and almost passed out in a rage. Chen Lanqing persuaded his mother to go to a tertiary hospital for an examination. Unexpectedly, the mother-in-law brought the baby over and let her breastfeed. In the end, they discussed wrapping it in plastic wrap to prevent the son from crying all the time.

Originally, Chen Lanqing was irritable, and hearing the cries of the children was even more disturbing, but when she came to the living room and saw the two mothers curled up on the chairs and fell asleep exhausted, she suddenly realized that they had put in as much hard work as she did. Chen Lanqing removed the plastic wrap and endured the pain to breastfeed the child, but the child developed a rash that night. The mother-in-law insisted that it was fetal poison, and blamed Chen Lanqing for not having any taboos during pregnancy.

Faced with Cheng's mother's accusations, Chen Lanqing was full of anger and had nowhere to vent, especially when the doctor diagnosed it as a common rash, and felt aggrieved. It was also uncomfortable for Cheng Leading to be caught between his mother-in-law and daughter-in-law. He had to appease Chen Lanqing's emotions, carefully prepared snacks and computers, and kissed her on the face. The nurses on duty covered their mouths and sniggered. Chen Lanqing was shy and her anger dissipated.

In order to prevent Dai Sijin from sneaking away, the creditors took turns sending people to the hospital to monitor her every day. Fortunately, they only watched Dai Sijin and did not do anything out of the ordinary. Chu Jiang had already returned from Guangdong, and he was afraid to see Dai Sijin with a wound on his face, so he had to ask his mother to visit him. Chu Jiang's mother would not lie, so she simply told Dai Sijin the truth. It turned out that Chu Jiang ran all over Guangzhou and did not find Lu Minglei at all, and was injured because of it.

In fact, Chu Jiang met Lu Minglei in Guangdong, and even found him crossing the road with a young girl in his arms. He wanted to chase after her, but he was hit by a car. Dai Sijin couldn't leave the hospital, so she asked the nurse to find Chu Jiang, but Chu Jiang kept a secret about Lu Minglei and the young girl.

Now Dai Sijin no longer expects her husband to come back to pay off her debts, and simply started her own clothing business, starting with mothers to attract their pursuit of beauty. The mothers liked Dai Sijin's designs very much, and hoped to buy clothes from her. Dai Sijin responded one by one, and returned to the ward to sort out Chujiang's backlog.


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