During this period of time, Lu Minglei has often revealed his business plan, threatening to open a health care center with Master Kong, and he will definitely make a lot of money. Dai Sijin returned to the Xinqian Hospital for confinement, and accidentally discovered that the head nurse Ding Xiaoyi still had an acupuncture point map on the back of her neck that had not been wiped off. She suddenly thought of the photos Lu Minglei took in the hotel, misunderstood the relationship between the two, and couldn't help crying. Dai Sijin found an excuse to get Ding Xiaoyi's signature, but she compared it with the threatening letter, and she was puzzled that it was in two different fonts. It seemed that Ding Xiaoyi was not the one who left the envelope.

Lu Minglei left the child in the room and left without saying goodbye. Even the nurses felt that this kind of man was too unreliable. Dai Sijin felt uncomfortable when he heard this. However, Lu Minglei also came and went in a hurry, it seemed that he had something to hide, and he didn't want others to know that Dai Sijin was confinement here. Dai Sijin told her apprentice Xu Xuanxuan her address, but her husband Lu Minglei complained, and Lu Minglei left in a hurry after receiving the page. Dai Sijin saw Ding Xiaoyi get into Lu Minglei's car through the window, immediately handed the child over to the nurse, and hurriedly went downstairs to follow her. Unexpectedly, she suddenly suffered from galactorrhea and had to stop following her.

Ever since Chen Lanqing gave birth, she has been lying on the hospital bed every day. Sleeping after eating, eating after sleeping, seemingly enjoying it, but actually suffering. Cheng's mother was going to let her niece Xiaoqin come to the city to take care of Chen Lanqing, and transfer the remuneration fee to Cheng's bank card. Chen's mother immediately saw Cheng's careful thinking, and the couple became alert. resolve this conflict.

With the help of her husband Cheng Leading, Chen Lanqing finally managed to steal half a day off, hiding outside to update the content of the novel, and complaining that she was being too strictly controlled by her mother, making up for it was like going to jail. It was precisely to make her life more comfortable that Chen Lanqing wrote an article "Using a computer is beneficial to the recovery of pregnant women", and arranged for Cheng to make a news format and print it out for his mother. Unexpectedly, before she finished speaking, Chen Lanqing felt uncomfortable all over, and only then did Cheng Leading realize that she had a high fever.

Lu Yuanfang insisted on coming to the entrance of the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit to watch the child's condition through monitoring. It happened that the doctor arranged for the child to have an MRI, and she finally had a chance to hold her son. After a short period of grief, Lu Yuanfang regained his strength and never forgot to hold a video conference with the company leaders even in the hospital bed. The doctor persuaded Lu Yuanfang to take a good rest, but Lu Yuanfang was a film and television producer for the first time, and he was unwilling to give up this opportunity easily. The boss suggested that Lu Yuanfang focus on his body, and leave the project to Julie for the time being. Similarly, Julie also wants to monopolize the power. Lu Yuanfang insisted and said that he would contact screenwriter Zhang in person.

Xia Zhixiong heard that Lu Yuanfang was looking for a confinement wife to take care of him, and offered to help, but was rejected without any suspense. Du Kexin came to the hospital to negotiate with Lu Yuanfang, and reprimanded her for wanting to use her child to keep Xia Zhixiong, but he didn't know that these words made Lu Yuanfang feel ridiculous. Lu Yuanfang emphasized that he and Xia Zhixiong have drawn a clear line of divorce, and will never be a third party. On the other hand, Xia Zhixiong seems to be responsible, but in fact he has no real responsibility. Du Kexin himself is a love brain, and actually asked Lu Yuanfang to sign the renunciation statement.

While Dai Sijin was sitting by the bed crying, Lu Minglei came in from the door with a bunch of things in his arms, comforting his wife patiently. Dai Sijin revealed that she had seen Lu Minglei and Ding Xiaoyi together, and Lu Minglei immediately took out the longevity lock, explaining that he was asking Ding Xiaoyi for help. Sure enough, Dai Sijin believed it was true, and quickly apologized to Lu Minglei, and told him about the letter. Seeing the change in state, Lu Minglei angrily accused Dai Sijin of not trusting him, then tore up the photos and notes, and rushed out the door. Because of this, Lu Minglei took the opportunity to call the sender, and promised repeatedly that he would handle this matter well and not harm his wife and children.

After thinking about it, Dai Sijin still felt that something was wrong. The sender's name was not revealed in the envelope, so why did her husband know that the sender's surname was Qin. In order to find out the truth of the matter, Dai Sijin inquired about the relationship between Ding Xiaoyi and Lu Minglei, only to find out that the two were innocent. It happened that the envelope Lu Minglei handed to Ding Xiaoyi was the same as the one he sent. The child was handed over to Ding Xiaoyi and left the hospital.

Because Chen Lanqing's high fever persisted, Chen's mother and Cheng's mother had a disagreement on the issue of taking medicine to reduce the fever. The mother was naturally concerned about her daughter's health, while the mother-in-law was more concerned about her granddaughter, fearing that breastfeeding after taking medicine would be harmful to the child. Cheng Leading did not dare to offend any party, so he could only bite the bullet and mediate, trying to calm the anger of the two of them as much as possible. Under Cheng's mother's persecution, Cheng Leading reluctantly agreed to let Xiaoqin's cousin come over and drive to pick her up in person. The reason why Xiaoqin is so active in taking care of Chen Lanqing is because she wants to let them introduce her to her job after confinement is over.

At the same time, Chen Lanqing deliberately showed the newspaper to her mother, and took the opportunity to propose a drink of Coke and ice cream. Chen's mother was dubious, but she couldn't stand Chen Lanqing's soft words, and finally agreed. But as soon as the words fell, Cheng's mother took out a notebook from the drawer and handed it to Chen's mother, exposing Chen Lanqing's little trick on the spot.

On the way to the intensive care unit, Lu Yuanfang was still on the phone with screenwriter Zhang to discuss changing the script, when he accidentally saw a young mother standing at the door crying. After talking, Lu Yuanfang knew that the other party's name was Yu Xiaoli, who used to be a dance teacher. With her good postpartum figure, she had a large number of fans on the Internet, so she neglected to take good care of her son, which made her condition worse. Yu Xiaoli felt guilty and blamed herself for this, and her mood was very low. Lu Yuanfang reminded her that she should kill this idea in the bud. Because I have to accompany the child to grow up in the years to come, and I will encounter many problems during the period. The frustration will make the mother sentimental all day long, and this emotion will inevitably be transmitted to the child.

In the following days, Lu Yuanfang still devoted himself to work. Aisike took the initiative to visit Lu Yuanfang and discuss the situation of the script with her by the way. Lu Yuanfang bribed the little nurse in the hospital with Aisike's signed photo, found an opportunity to sneak out of the hospital, and interviewed confinement sister-in-law Fan on the way to the company. He was very satisfied with her overall image. While talking, the car stopped abruptly, and then the scene changed, Dai Sijin came home and found the living room was in a mess.


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