In 1993, Lu Minglei sat downstairs all night until Dai Sijin pushed the baby carriage to work, paying attention to Dai Sijin silently, and helping Dai Sijin when she needed help. Seeing that Lu Minglei really repented, Chu Jiang persuaded Dai Sijin to agree with him to stay and work, and then revealed the news of Lu Minglei's illness.

Dai Sijin was skeptical about this, and on the way home, he saw Lu Minglei, who had been in ambush for a long time, wearing a sick suit and showing courteousness in front of the neighbors. In order to prove that his prodigal son returned, Lu Minglei took out the signed body donation certificate, so that his daughter could know that his father could contribute to society. Dai Sijin was speechless after seeing it.

In 1997, in just four years, Dai Sijin's business became bigger and stronger, from the clothing industry to the hotel and catering, and invested in confinement clubs. Chu Jiang and Lu Minglei are Dai Sijin's partners, and they are her right-hand assistants, negotiating big deals one after another. Although Dai Sijin did not choose to remarry Lu Minglei, they are still Lu Yuanfang's parents, and this relationship cannot be replaced by anyone.

In 2005, it was the time when the relationship between Chen Lanqing and Cheng Leading came to an end, and they were faced with the difficult choice of a fork in the road. The relationship was obstructed by the elders, how to choose between career and love, but when Cheng took the lead and took out the prepared engagement ring, Chen Lanqing chose to stay in Jiangbei without hesitation.

Later, Chen Lanqing took the initiative to find Dai Sijin, and was very grateful for Dai Sijin's cultivation, but it was a pity that she was destined to give up her career for love. Dai Sijin warned Chen Lanqing from her own experience that no matter what she does, she must take care of herself, and no matter how much she loves her, don't sacrifice herself. Now that Chen Lanqing has made a choice, Dai Sijin still sincerely wishes her happiness.

In 2008, the two mothers thought that the young couple would be overwhelmed, but unexpectedly they hired a nanny to clean and cook, and took enough time to take care of the children. After careful consideration by Cheng Xianfeng and Chen Lanqing, they felt that the parents should be allowed to enjoy their old age in peace and not spend energy surrounding the younger generation. The mothers were so moved that they finally decided to go back to their hometowns and not disturb the life of the young couple.

In the past, Chen Lanqing would rely on her parents no matter what, but after she gave birth to a child, she gradually realized the difficulty of being a mother, which also made her a delicate girl stronger. At this time, Lu Yuanfang took the initiative to call Chen Lanqing and directly explained his intentions, hoping to cooperate with her in publishing a book.

In 2017, Lu Yuanfang discovered that his mother and Frank had frequent contacts, and realized that the relationship between the two was unusual, and encouraged her to face this relationship bravely. However, on the day of Dai Sijin's wedding, he suddenly received the sad news of Lu Minglei's death. Lu Yuanfang hurried back to China to take care of the funeral, and comforted Dai Sijin not to worry, but Xia Zhixiong picked up her passport after she accidentally left it behind.

As a good buddy of Lu Minglei, Chu Jiang personally took charge of his funeral, and said on stage that if there is an afterlife, he hopes to become a real brother. Then the video recorded by Lu Minglei specially for Dai Sijin was played on the big screen, in addition to wishing her a new marriage, he also told Frank to take good care of her, Dai Sijin burst into tears.

Lu Yuanfang sat alone in the lobby and read the letter Lu Minglei wrote to her. It was more like three suicide notes, and the words between the lines revealed a mountain of father's love. Dai Sijin knew that Lu Minglei wanted to be a great father, but after all, he was incapable, so he could only convey it through this kind of words, which belonged to Lu Minglei's unique way.

In 2020, Mr. Chen is going to let Lu Yuanfang take over her position, but Lu Yuanfang is not interested at all, because she knows that the high places are too cold, and sitting in Mr. Chen's position requires too many considerations, and it will make the work more difficult. Expression is sacrificed to overall consideration, so she is more suitable as a producer. Fortunately, the plagiarism incident is not unsolved. The public relations team has already responded, and well-known media people have also exposed on the Internet that Hao's father forged the recording.

Now that Chen Lanqing is pregnant with her third child, her relationship with Cheng Leading is getting better and better. She is often lucky to have chosen the right husband. It is this seemingly inconspicuous man who makes her live happily every day. At the same time, colleagues in the company paid close attention to the trend of public opinion. Unfortunately, forging recordings did not reverse the situation. Julie and others suggested exposing Father Hao’s domestic violence and cheating, but Lu Yuanfang felt that exposure of such things would only create gender antagonism heat.

Chen Lanqing came to the house to accompany Lu Yuanfang to eat hot pot, and made a video call with Dai Sijin and Frank, chatting about interesting experiences and troubles at work. Inspired by Dai Sijin, Lu Yuanfang immediately thought that the opening ceremony could be held in the Yuezi Club. On the day of the opening ceremony, mothers shared their feelings as mothers in front of the camera. Everyone has different views on childbirth, and their views are the best response to public opinion.

The story of Yuezi Club is very simple. It tells a series of changes of three women from pregnancy to childbirth. It is also a portrayal of Dai Sijin, Chen Lanqing and Lu Yuanfang. Lu Yuanfang is willing to dedicate this story to all mothers who have entered a new stage of life and tried their best to find a balance between family and career. No matter good or bad, pain or scars, it will only make mothers stronger and their lives more fulfilling. Allowing them to touch the ultimate meaning of happiness.

The filming process of the crew went smoothly, the actress Li Wen's acting skills are excellent, and even Chen Lanqing has a sense of substitution. The plagiarism incident was reversed, and the rumor maker Papa Hao apologized to Chen Lanqing under the pressure of public opinion, and the matter was completely settled. Lu Yuanfang named his son Dai Lexi to make up for Dai Sijin's regret. When the production team finished, everyone had to sum up themselves in one sentence. Dai Sijin, Chen Lanqing, and Lu Yuanfang stood in front of the camera and said "You are great" with a smile.


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