During this period of time, Lu Minglei left early and returned late, devoting himself to the clothing stall, and Dai Sijin noticed his changes. Seeing that Lu Minglei cared so much about holding a 100-day banquet for his daughter, Dai Sijin's attitude improved slightly, and he offered some references. The next day, Dai Sijin and Lu Minglei finished the divorce procedures and finally walked out of the Civil Affairs Bureau feeling relieved. From then on, there was only a cooperative relationship between them, and all the grievances and grievances in the past disappeared.

After much deliberation, Chu Jiang decided to tell Dai Sijin about Lu Minglei's plan, thinking that he should be given some business opportunities. But Dai Sijin strongly opposed Lu Minglei's use of his fame to solicit customers, so taking advantage of the 100-day banquet, he took the lead in announcing Lu Minglei's withdrawal from the clothing market without giving him the slightest chance to explain.

Although the doctor has relevant experience in diagnosing and treating pneumonia, he can't guarantee it completely. After Cheng Xianfeng learned about it, he immediately became uneasy. Chen Lanqing understood his anxiety and hoped that he should adjust his state. Chen's mother felt guilty when she saw her daughter running around and working hard every day. Chen Lanqing comforted her mother not to be too sad, saying that she is now fulfilling her responsibilities as a wife and mother.

However, since the child was sent to the intensive care unit, Cheng Leading's attitude towards Chen Lanqing became more and more indifferent, until he finally quarreled with her. With tears in her eyes, Chen Lanqing persuaded Cheng Leading to calm down. She already regretted and blamed herself, and was willing to accept any punishment. Unexpectedly, Cheng Leading suddenly filed for divorce. Because of this, Cheng's mother rushed to find Chen's mother to discuss countermeasures.

After seeing Lu Yuanfang and the children, Mr. Xia passed away without regret, but Xia Zhixiong was a little bit hard to accept, after all, the grandfather and grandson had a deep relationship. Julie found out that an anonymous person broke the news on the Internet that the script of "Yuezi Club" was plagiarized. After learning about it, Lu Yuanfang drove back and then received a call from a lawyer, who learned that Mr. Xia had amended his will and left a trust fund to his great-grandson.

Afterwards, Father Xia brought his lawyer to meet with Lu Yuanfang, and repeatedly emphasized that if the child had no relationship with the Xia family, he would lose the property. Father Xia left first after speaking, and arranged for a lawyer to negotiate with Lu Yuanfang. In fact, Lu Yuanfang knew very well that Father Xia didn't care about his grandson at all, and mainly wanted to know whether the money was in his name.

Lu Yuanfang contacted Papa Hao, the author who reported the plagiarism, through Julie, but he did not expect that the other party was actually a man. Father Hao secretly recorded the conversation during the conversation, edited it maliciously and posted it on the Internet, spreading rumors that Lu Yuanfang had admitted that the Yuezi Club plagiarized Saint Seiya. As the plagiarism incident intensified, Lu Yuanfang found a lawyer with the help of Xia Zhixiong. Xia Zhixiong took the initiative to invite Lu Yuanfang to taste his company's new food. Lu Yuanfang was amazed by the delicious food and wanted to cooperate with him to promote it.

The hundred-day banquet was not over yet, the principal took the IOU to explain the situation to Dai Sijin and Lu Yuanfang, and asked them to go to the debtor to ask for the money for the school uniform in person. As soon as the words fell, Xu Xuanxuan came to accuse Lu Minglei and Dai Sijin of being inseparable with her big belly. The noise attracted former colleagues and neighbors. Dai Sijin hurriedly covered Xu Xuanxuan's mouth and reminded her that if it was revealed that she was pregnant before she was married, she would have no way to be a human being.

Dai Sijin dragged Lu Minglei and Xu Xuanxuan to the private room next door to inquire about the situation, and then decided that Lu Yuanfang had cheated in marriage, and slapped him in anger. In order to sever ties with Lu Minglei, Dai Sijin warned him not to get involved in the clothing business and completely withdraw from the clothing market. Dai Sijin went home with the child in her arms, and Chu Jiang's mother persuaded Dai Sijin to think carefully, and to worry about her in the future, thinking that it is not good for a divorced woman with a baby to remarry.

While talking, Lu Minglei came in from the door, and Chu Jiang's mother went out first with the baby in her arms, leaving the two of them alone space, and hinted to Lu Minglei to coax Dai Sijin. But in fact, Lu Minglei came to Dai Sijin to recover the money for the school uniforms. He believed that at least half of the credit was due to him being able to sell 700 sets of school uniforms. Dai Sijin saw through Lu Minglei's face and ordered him to get out of the room with his things.

On the day when the arrears were collected, Chu Jiang drove Dai Sijin and Lu Minglei away. During this period, the atmosphere in the car was extremely awkward. Chu Jiang tried to be active but failed, and Dai Sijin chose to get off and take the bus. The debtor reserved a private room for the three of them at the restaurant, Lu Minglei directly explained his purpose, and even drank a lot of wine at the dinner table.

Now that Chen Lanqing has agreed to divorce, it seems that the marriage has broken down, but in fact it is to save the relationship. Because Chen Lanqing discovered that Cheng Leading was suspected of suffering from depression, and his various symptoms were very similar to his own at the beginning, and only by venting out could he be relieved and cured. Although children are very important to Chen Lanqing, her husband is more important than children. As a mother, Chen Lanqing can accompany her children to grow up until they can live independently. Only husband and wife need to spend their lives together until they grow old.

Cheng's mother was naturally unwilling to let her son divorce, but she had no way to stop it, so she could only cry silently. The young couple stayed at the door of the intensive care unit until the news that the child's condition had improved, and the two mothers stayed at home by their phones in a daze. Since the divorce agreement between Cheng Xianxian and Chen Lanqing has not been negotiated for a long time, the Civil Affairs Bureau refused to handle the divorce, so they simply sat down to discuss it in detail.

Chen Lanqing proposed not to have a house or a car, but only wanted to fight for the custody of the child and take the child back to his hometown. Cheng Leading didn't want a house or a car, and couldn't understand why she chose to leave the city. It was also through this heart-to-heart conversation that Chen Lanqing and Cheng Leading realized that they loved each other deeply, and Cheng Leading finally realized that he was sick and needed medical treatment instead of a divorce.


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