Xu Xuanxuan suddenly came to kneel and begged Dai Sijin to help her and Lu Minglei. The words revealed the adulterous relationship between the two, and the onlookers all believed that Lu Minglei had cheated, and the third party arrogantly extorted a confession. Dai Sijin didn't listen to Lu Minglei's explanation at all, and warned him to go to the street to apply for a letter of introduction, otherwise he would go to the court to sue for divorce. Chen Lanqing did not take good care of the child, which caused the child to enter the intensive care unit. Cheng led the way and reprimanded Chen Lanqing for not taking the responsibility of being a good mother.

Amy explained to everyone her feelings about the parent-child relationship. In her opinion, the most terrifying thing is not the typical bad mother who beats and scolds her children, but that there is a knife hidden in love, and destruction in warmth, such as invisible discrimination. Hiding love and family affection everywhere. Xia Zhixiong took the initiative to contact Lu Yuanfang, saying that his grandfather had been rescued and he hoped to meet his grandson, but Lu Yuanfang refused.

After Lu Yuanfang drafted the contract and sent it to Xiang Shengnan, the signing process went smoothly, but Lu Yuanfang leaked urine when he coughed, and the scene was extremely embarrassing. Thanks to Julie's quick reaction, she pretended to spill the water in the glass to cover up Lu Yuanfang's wet pants. Afterwards, Lu Yuanfang took the initiative to express his gratitude to Julie, and Julie also remembered Lu Yuanfang's kindness to her, so the two settled their suspicions.

Chen Lanqing posted the shocking incident on the forum, pretending that it was a friend's experience, but everyone saw through it, which made her ashamed to face it. Cheng Xianfeng comforted him patiently. Chen Lanqing guessed that he was the male netizen who replied to his post before. Although Cheng Xianfeng didn't admit it, his blushing cheeks and ears had already betrayed him.

Seeing that the time was approaching six o'clock, everyone held their breath and stared at the clock. This time the child did not cry like before, and Chen Lanqing was ecstatic. The psychiatrist at the confinement center talked to Chen Lanqing alone and asked about her recent situation. Chen Lanqing bluntly said that she was still a little anxious, but she had obviously improved.

Cheng Xianxian said that mothers try to demand themselves by the standards of good fathers, but the problem is that the situation of mothers and fathers is completely different, because they are mothers, the price is to share the pain of the child with the child, and the reward is to grow up with the child. Listening to Chen Lanqing's insights, the psychiatrist smiled with relief, indicating that she has recovered from postpartum depression.

The child's problem was solved, and new troubles broke out among the mothers. Because Chen's mother discussed that the seasoning of the confinement meal was too heavy, the mothers were filled with righteous indignation and went to the hospital cafeteria to settle accounts. Chen's mother likes to join in the fun, but in the end, she was pushed out by the mothers to uphold justice, which caused her to be incompetent inside and out, and caused a whole lot of trouble.

Cheng Leading's mood was always low, Chen Lanqing noticed something strange and persuaded him to go back to work in the company. Chen's mother stood at the door and eavesdropped on the young couple's conversation. She couldn't help feeling that after her daughter became a mother, she worried about more and more things, and her personality was completely different from before.

Without telling Dai Sijin, Lu Minglei registered the child's household registration and named him Lu Yuanfang. Dai Sijin was shocked and angry, and accused Lu Minglei of not discussing with her, and she preferred that the child follow her surname. As soon as this remark came out, the surrounding vendors gathered to watch. Everyone thought that Lu Minglei was the son-in-law who came to visit. Lu Minglei felt a little ashamed, but Dai Sijin didn't care about it, and went directly to the Public Security Bureau to apply for a name change.

But the problem is that changing the name is not a simple matter, at least until the child enters elementary school, and the father has to nod his approval. Lu Minglei didn't know his mistake at all, and kept complaining to Chu Jiang, Chu Jiang tried to persuade them to make peace and not to break up, and wanted them to live a good life. On the other hand, Dai Sijin ran to talk to Ding Xiaoyi about this matter, and Ding Xiaoyi reminded Dai Sijin to grasp the key points in order to hold the child's initiative in his own hands.

In the next few days, Dai Sijin became extremely strong and used various methods to force Lu Minglei to submit. Lu Minglei was caught by Dai Sijin's weakness, so he could only be obedient. The only request was that the child's surname should be Lu, and Dai Sijin reluctantly agreed. It was precisely because of being overwhelmed by Dai Sijin that Lu Minglei's self-esteem was frustrated, and he threatened to find a good opportunity to get ahead.

It happened that two female students passed by and chatted casually about school uniforms. Lu Minglei seemed to have discovered a business opportunity and rushed to find the school to sign a contract, promising to produce 700 sets of school uniforms within 14 days. When he proudly presented the contract, he was immediately dismissed by Dai Sijin and Chu Jiang. They all knew that it was difficult for Jiangbei to find a large garment factory, let alone complete 700 sets of school uniforms in a short period of time.

Dai Sijin mocked Lu Minglei for his whimsical ideas, and Chu Jiang thought that he had done more than failed. Lu Minglei followed Dai Sijin to explain why he did this, and finally persuaded Dai Sijin to calm down, and sat on the back of the bicycle to follow him home. But before he had gone far, Lu Minglei made an excuse to leave on his bicycle, and Dai Sijin followed quietly, and found several creditors begging Lu Minglei for money, and finally snatched the bicycle away. Lu Minglei showed no resistance, and the seven-foot man covered his face and cried bitterly, which made Dai Sijin feel bad.

Because the child often cries, Chen Lanqing needs to be held in her arms to stop crying every time. Chen's mother advises her daughter, imitating the crying immunity method proposed by foreign experts, training the child to cry so that he will not be embraced by his mother. in my arms. Chen Lanqing was dubious, but the plan didn't work for a long time, mainly because Cheng's mother couldn't bear to see her child cry.

The two mothers argued again about the child, and Cheng's mother even sprained her waist while holding the child. When Cheng led the way back and learned of this, he turned dark and angry at Chen Lanqing. Chen Lanqing was depressed, her condition had just improved, she didn't expect Cheng's mother and child to have a problem, and she really didn't know how to solve it.


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