• Donghua Title: Zhen Dao Ge 枕刀歌
  • Produced by: Guangzhou Genghaosan Culture Communication Co., Ltd., Tencent Video
  • Network: Tencent
  • Air date: Feb 5, 2021 to Apr 16, 2021
  • Episodes: 12
  • Seasons: 2


Zhen Dao Ge tells a revenge story about the homeless young man He Fangzhi, whose family was betrayed by his own people while they were migrating, and was brutally murdered. The male protagonist, He Fangzhi, pretended to be dead and escaped a scene. After the massacre, He practiced an extraordinary martial arts in Shuzhong and determined to avenge his family. With a fan and a place name that showed the clues of the enemy, He embarked on the road of revenge.


  • 何方知 voiced by  Ye Qing
  • Arya  voiced by  Chen Yiwen
  • Zheng Jian voiced by  Shen Lei
  • Zheng Jue voiced by  Shen Lei
  • Young Zheng Jian voiced by  Shi Zekun
  • Li Po voiced by  Jiang Guijin
  • Lin Wencheng voiced by  Guan Zhihong
  • Saintess voiced by  Janja
  • Long Shun voiced by  Thut Harmon
  • Father Cheng voiced by  Thut Harmon
  • My baby voiced by  Lin Qiang
  • Old Monk voiced by  Lin Qiang
  • Luo Tong voiced by  Zhang Yi
  • Jiang Hao voiced by  Zhao Shihao
  • Xu Wen voiced by  Chen Qigang
  • Aunt Hong voiced by  Chu Yue
  • Injustice Monk voiced by  Yan Hao   
  • Eunuch Xue voiced by  Teng Xin  
  • He Shilang voiced by  Guo Haoran  
  • Aba voiced by  Yang Feiluo  
  • Filler voiced by  Xu Jingrui 


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