• Donghua Title: The Mirror: Twin Cities 镜·双城 风起篇 (Jing: Shuang Cheng - Feng Qi Pian)
  • Produced by: Shanghai Foch Film and TV Culture Investment, Tencent Penguin Pictures
  • Network: Tencent
  • Air date: Aug 15, 2020 to Aug 22, 2020
  • Episodes: 4
  • Theme Song "Man in the Mirror"
  • Vocals: Yu Kewei
  • Lyricist: Shen Mingli, Wang Xiaoqian
  • Composer: Yang Bingyin
  • Composer: Yang Bingyin
  • Ending song "Sunlight"
  • Vocals: Wang Xi
  • Lyricist: Wang Xiaoqian, Shen Mingli
  • Composer: Yang Bingyin
  • Composer: Yang Bingyin, Lin Feng


This is a beautiful and magical legend. In order to escape the troubled times, Na Sheng, a passionate and cheerful Miao girl , traveled long distances to find her dream home, Yunhuang. However, is Yunhuang really the legendary Taoyuan Wonderland? Along with her every step of going deep into the deserted clouds, scenes of strange and thrilling blood and rain were staged, and legends with distinctive personalities and outstanding characters also competed to appear, interpreting scenes of poignant and moving mythical stories. 


  • Nasheng voiced by 糖醋里脊
  • Wok Lee voiced by Chen Zelin
  • Soma 苏摩(成年)voiced by Zhu Guangzu
  • Great Commander voiced by 黄河
  • Shen Nianru 沈念如



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