• Donghua Title: Swarm 黑门 (Hei Men)
  • Produced by: bilibili, BeDream, Chosen
  • Network: bilibili
  • Air date: Jul 29, 2022
  • Episodes: 12


In 2058, people live and work in peace and contentment, technology is highly developed, and the brain-computer system (the interconnection of human brain and computer) has already entered people's lives. In Baiyang City, a brain-computer system technology company called "Oasis", while continuously researching the human brain world (brain universe), discovered a strange symptom, which they called "hive disease". In order to curb the spread of "swarming disease", many ordinary heroes have followed one after another, and a magnificent story has begun.


  • Zhang Dong
  • Chen Zhang Taikang
  • Li Shimeng
  • Ji Guanlin
  • Zhang Zhe
  • Liang Xiaoqiang
  • Xuan Xiaoming
  • Shang Hong
  • Zhang Yi
  • Zhou Ying
  • Zeng Mengyu
  • Sheep Boy
  • Jing Xiang Who Yi
  • Guo Zhengjian
  • Yan Yansheng
  • Lin Qiang/
  • Wang Qiuhao
  • Yang Jie
  • Mu Yi
  • Qi Ye


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