• Donghua Title: Psychic Princess 2 通灵妃 2 (Tong Ling Fei 2)
  • Produced by: Tencent Animation & Comics, Haoliners Animation League
  • Air date: TBA
  • Episodes: TBA
  • Season(s): 2
  • Opening Theme: 
  • Ending Theme:    


Season 1 Psychic Princess 2 通灵妃 2 (Tong Ling Fei 2) finale ended with a cliffhanger when evil Qian Shuang brings an evil Taoist exorcist to kill off all the suppose bad ghost at the the palace where Qian Xi’s and  her ghost friends lives. Just when the Taoist tried to capture and tie up Qian Xi,  Prince Ye comes just in time to save her and scare off the Taoist exorcist. Prince Ye screams at Qian Shuang saying no one is to step foot here again or he will surely kill them. The prince also made a promise to Qian Xi that he will protect her. Season 2 will pick up from here, and we will finally find out the man in the hooded black gown is and why he wants the thumb ring that is protecting Prince Ye. 



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