• Donghua Title: King of Martial Arts 仙武帝尊 (Xian Wudi Zun)
  • AKA: King of Martial Arts, Xian Wudi Zun Di Yi Ji, Xian Wudi Zun 
  • Produced by: 
  • Air date:  2022
  • Episodes: 
  • Season(s): 
  • Opening Theme: 
  • Ending Theme: 


Nine thousand years ago, Emperor Xianwu led a million gods into the primordial wilderness, but no one returned, only a ray of true fire left the world. Nine thousand years later, Ye Chen, a delinquent sect, was kicked out of the sect and could not be considered a home. By chance, he accidentally got a fairy fire, and then stepped on the road of fairy martial arts. This is a world where gods, demons, gods, and Buddhas coexist. This is an era of chaos in the world. Ye Chen's journey against the sky began from this. After suffering and reincarnation, he finally reached the peak of the avenue.



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