After tasting the abalone made by Lin Xiaoyu, Wei Kete commented that although she has certain basic skills, she has no imagination to match the old fashioned. Yes, she introduced herself as Boris's apprentice, and suggested that he should be so arrogant as to show his hand. Victor waited for this sentence and made four abalone cakes on the spot. The taste and perception were so perfect that Xiao Yu had nothing to say.

It was already the third day, and Lin Kesong was still repeating the action of pouring salt for twelve hours a day. She had to accept the fact that she had zero foundation, but after repeated training, she finally managed to do it once and accurately. Jiang Qianfan was developing new dishes in the kitchen. Nina brought the desserts from Li Yan. Croissant couldn’t help but taste a few sips and told Jiang Qianfan that he liked desserts. Go back to the room and copy the basic recipe. He rode a motorcycle to Yuxuan's back kitchen to check the seasonings, and found that the candy was furious. Elise admitted that she asked Jiang Qianfan to add it and explained that she didn't tell Jiang Qianfan that she didn't want to hurt him. Jiang Qianfan warned Elise for the last time: don't move any more. Even if there is a mistake in his own dishes, he is responsible for it, and there can be no sugar where he is.

Blue went to the restaurant to find Lin Xiaoyu, and Lin Feng asked him to go to the kitchen to find him after inquiring carefully about his family background. When Bruce saw the abalone cake in the back kitchen, he knew that Victor had come. He couldn't help but grab it and eat it. He also told Xiaoyu that Victor was a gourmet from Europe and North America and liked to show off his cooking skills. Not on, Xiao Yu angrily blasted him out. When my father saw this, he left Bruce to eat at the restaurant. Bruce mentioned that his mentor Huang Shi was very willful. The instructor told him that the competition is not important, and the purpose is to compare cooking skills with peers.

Song Yiran came to the training camp with the ticket sent by Jiang Qianfan, and was tortured to the point of losing his skin. He was determined to settle the account with Jiang Qianfan.

In the evening, Jiang Qianfan gave Lin Kesong a princess dress and asked her to go to Yuxuan for dinner. Ke Song booked a table in Chu Ting's name according to Jiang Qianfan's request, ordered a dish that was as beautiful as a hook, and took pictures and took notes. Li Yan reported to Elise immediately after discovering it, and Elise and Ke Song met together. He went to Jiang Qianfan and accused him of sending Ke Song to supervise him. Ke Song reported to Jiang Qianfan that she had tasted colorful peppers and small onions in the dish. Elise admitted that she added these two things to the dish because she and Jiang Qianfan Qianfan once let it go when she was eating in Spain, she did it for the sake of memory. The two parted unhappily, and when they went back, they recalled that unforgettable feeling.

Ke Song learned from Nina that Lin Ke Song and Elise were lovers before, but Elise was very possessive. Jiang Qianfan's mind was on cooking and often ignored her feelings, so the two often quarreled. Once Elise smashed the kitchen, the two broke up. Nina has known Jiang Qianfan for ten years. She worked for Montgomery before. Once, Montgomery brought back a child and said that he was working in a small restaurant in London. This person was Jiang Qianfan. Four years ago, after Montgomery died, she followed Jiang Qianfan. work. Lin Kesong felt that the love between Jiang Qianfan and Elise was terrible. She didn't know what a beautiful love should look like?

In the middle of the night, Jiang Qianfan woke Lin Kesong and took her out on a motorcycle to find ingredients. After arriving at the destination, Kesong was so sleepy lying on Jiang Qianfan's back that he fell asleep. Jiang Qianfan took her to the organic farm. At this time, Yuxuan’s chef was already picking the ingredients for the day. Jiang Qianfan picked a green pepper for Lin Kesong to taste. After Lin Kesong tasted it, he was surprised that the green pepper turned out to be sweet. Jiang Qianfan told her , the sweetness of green peppers will gradually disappear as the temperature rises, so when he uses green peppers for seasoning, he will make a sauce when it is the sweetest, and store it in a bottle. Jiang Qianfan arranged for Lin Kesong to go to the farm to Pick the best-tasting green peppers and put them in a basket, and then teach her to pick the best-tasting snails.

After dawn, Jiang Qianfan took Lin Kesong to the pier to wait for Captain Ao. Unexpectedly, after Captain Ao docked, he told him that all the fish caught that day had been bought by Victor. It turned out that Victor knew that Jiang Qianfan would be here and booked Captain Ao's fish in advance. He proudly called Lin Kesong the Dragon Princess, introduced himself as the champion of this year's Future Star, and wanted to fight Lin Kesong. bet.

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