Thomas introduced before the competition that this was the 20th Future Star Competition. Future Stars always insisted that the mentors select students to teach cooking skills to participate in the competition. , The chef's original intention is to feel good and happy after a meal. There was a mentor at the scene who hated sugar very much. He also came to participate in the competition today. Jiang Qianfan raised his hand to signal to everyone. Thomas announced that the two pairs of mentors and apprentices would cooperate with each other. To make dessert food with glutinous rice and osmanthus, the time limit is one hour.

Jiang Qianfan asked Ke Song to prepare the ingredients. He touched the length of the kitchen table with his hands. The two cooperated tacitly. However, just five minutes before the end of the game, Jiang Qianfan accidentally knocked over the seasoning, and everyone at the scene was heartbroken. up. Only now did Lin Xiaoyu realize that if Jiang Qianfan had chosen herself to be her apprentice, she would not have been able to participate in the competition calmly, because her emotions would fluctuate greatly if her grades were not good. Jiang Qianfan achieved mutual success like this. During this time, she looked at herself in the mirror and was very scary. Blue next to him was relieved that Xiaoyu realized his problem and became much softer.

The host announced that the competition time was up. Croissant was excited to complete the work within the time limit. She had just set the plate, but she never expected to be crushed by the empty plate in Jiang Qianfan's hands. This scene made Croissant's mother cry. At this time, Elise got the medicine at the automatic locker in the shopping mall as instructed by the seller.

The judges scored the time, and the host interviewed the two groups of contestants. Mrs. Quentin hoped that Victor would always stay awake like green tea and guard against arrogance and impatience. Victor publicly announced that he liked China and decided to stay in Shanghai, hoping that his mother would not be unhappy, after all, they are connected by blood. The host regrets that Jiang Qianfan and Lin Kesong did not complete the entries. Jiang Qianfan did not find any reason for the failure. He is very sorry for disappointing everyone, especially his partner Lin Kesong. Croissant reassured that it was not his fault. He was very happy to be here. As long as they worked hard, they would have no regrets. Osmanthus, the ingredient in today's competition, has a meaning of beauty and loyalty. Just like her mentor Jiang Qianfan, she is her confidant and friend. Bole is also her only teacher. She is very grateful to Jiang Qianfan for appearing in her life. Croissant's words made Xiao Yu and her mother in the audience burst into tears.

Thomas thanked Lin Kesong and Jiang Qianfan for their dedication and love for the future stars, and announced the results of the competition: the champions were Mrs. Quentin and Mr. Victor, and Jiang Qianfan and Lin Kesong won the runner-up. Victor thanked Jiang Qianfan for letting him know that winning or losing the game is not important, but the process. He took the initiative to shake hands with Jiang Qianfan and Lin Kesong, and the three held up the championship trophy together! There was thunderous applause from the audience.

After walking out of the arena, Jiang Qianfan didn't want to see anyone, so he asked Ke Song to take him through the back door. As soon as the two went out, Boris was already waiting in the car, and he immediately pulled them away, throwing away the reporters.

On the way, although Jiang Qianfan pretended to be relaxed on the surface, Lin Kesong knew that it was impossible to reset to zero if he was as proud as him. Back at home, Lin Ke Song received an admission letter from the Le Cordon Bleu Culinary Institute. Jiang Qianfan explained that she is a good seedling, and she is only 10,000 hours away from her dream of being a good chef. It is her responsibility to continue to guide Ke Song to further study. , and he will accompany Ke Song, but she is not allowed to tell anyone, so as not to cause unnecessary trouble, Ke Song promised, and immediately called her parents to report.

Croissant's mother is worried that her daughter will go to France for a year and a half. Who will take care of Jiang Qianfan? Papa Croissant suggests getting someone to help. After a while, Blue took Victor and Sister K to Xiaoyu's private kitchen to help, which Lin Feng could not ask for.

Boris said goodbye to Lin Xiaoyu, seeing a scar on her arm, Boris apologized, Xiaoyu said that Boris would always be his mentor, Boris felt guilty that Xiaoyu was a good seedling, could have gone farther, but was caught by himself. Ruined, wait until she learns to get along with the world and then become her mentor. Xiaoyu sincerely said that Boris had learned how to get along with the world by being able to cheer for Jiang Qianfan at the scene. Boris also moved Xiaoyu to cry for Ke Song at the scene. The two embraced and cherished each other.

Mrs. Quentin invited Huangshi to dinner and suggested that he go to the UK for development. The number of guests who came to foreign restaurants with his skills would be a thousand times more than now, but Huangshi was not interested because his home was here and he believed that China had a market and opportunities. , and her old friend, Mrs. Quentin should go to China to develop, but Mrs. Quentin declined, because she was born in London and was used to it.

Yuxuan has fewer and fewer customers, and the chefs are listless at work. Damai sees Xiaopa resigning and coming back, accusing him of not being able to come and go freely. Xiaopa explains that he has withdrawn his resignation application without approval from Elise, and Elise also He agreed. Damai mocked him for protecting himself instead of staying here. Xiaopa said that he wanted to be a respectable person like Mr. Jiang. Although he lost the game today, he respected him even more. He figured out that no matter how hard and capable a person is, he will encounter new problems when he leaves Yuxuan. It is better to integrate into this loving group. As long as everyone works together and the team has cohesion and combat effectiveness, Yuxuan will definitely possible.

Song Yiran sighed with emotion when she looked at Jiang Qianfan during the competition, full of love. In order to reward Song Yiran for her hard work, Chu Ting decided to invite him to Yuxuan for dinner after get off work.

Xiaopa excitedly told everyone that they had already received three pre-orders, which was the level before Mr. Jiang lost his sense of taste. What was even more exciting was that the first one to pre-order was food critic Mark, who said he would support Jiang Qianfan. Seeing Xiaopa rushing to answer the reservation call again, Damai encouraged everyone that Mr. Jiang created this rare turnaround opportunity today. They must do their best to repay the guests who come to the store with the best dishes and services. Only Only in this way can they be worthy of their support for Yu Xuan and Mr. Jiang.

Croissant chose a French villa on the Internet, looking forward to a better life after living with Jiang Qianfan. Jiang Qianfan told her that it was less than a month before the start of school, and she had to hurry up and go back to Wuzhen with her parents to get her passport. will take care of yourself.


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