Ke Song admired Song Yiran's daring to bring himself back to his original form, and felt that he and Chu Ting went back to the same house after going around and told Song Yiran to cherish the fate. After returning home, Croissant made soup and took it to the hospital, and asked her mother to hand it over to Xiaoyu. Her parents felt distressed when they saw the burn on Croton's arm.

The apprentices found that Sister K stared at the phone and smirked for an hour, guessing that she was in love, and Sister K covered up and drove them to work.

Jiang Qianfan suddenly lost his eyesight while cooking at home. He groped to turn off the fire. At this time, Elise burned the contract that her mother had planned at home. After Ke Song came back, Jiang Qianfan told her in tears that she could not see. Elise got the news and Xie Junbin rushed over. She took out the transfer contract and told Jiang Qianfan that she and her mother refused to sign. Jiang Qianfan felt that she was pitiful. himself, begging them to leave immediately.

On the way, Xie Junbin praised Elise for her good cooking after learning the ins and outs of the incident. Elise told him that Yu Xuan must belong to Jiang Qianfan. Tell Jiang Qianfan everything, and then disappear so that they can't find it. Unexpectedly, Jiang Qianfan is blind. Now the only thing she can do is to manage Yuxuan well and let him live strong. Xie Junbin took a fluke before blaming himself. He hoped that Elise would believe that he would be by her side no matter what.

Looking at Jiang Qianfan who was silent, Ke Song felt that losing his sense of taste and vision was a hell on earth for him. She wanted to cry loudly, but she could only tell herself to be strong because Jiang Qianfan needed her.

Jiang Qianfan told Ke Song that no matter what, he would accompany her to the end of the competition and would not disqualify her. This was the only thing he worried about. He believes that Ke Song has a bright future and Song Yiran will get better and better. After the game, they will all go back to their respective lives. Croissant cried and confessed that she had fallen in love with Jiang Qianfan. Whether he wanted to or not, she would always be with him. Jiang Qianfan said ruthlessly that he would take care of herself. Croissant deserves a better person, and he also treats Croson too well. No feeling, Croissant didn't wait for him to finish, and kissed him passionately, Jiang Qianfan burst into tears. At noon, she cooked porridge and brought it to Jiang Qianfan, but he knocked it over to the ground, but Ke Song was not angry, squatted down and cleaned it up slowly.

Ke Song's parents heard Lin Feng's phone call saying that he wanted blood, and thought it was Xiao Yu who wanted a blood transfusion. They and the chef in the restaurant rushed to the hospital to donate blood to Xiao Yu. After Lin Feng hung up the phone, they were dumbfounded when they learned of their decision, and corrected that Xiao Yu was going to Eat duck blood. After the false alarm, Croissant's parents helped Lin Feng manage the restaurant, and Croissant's father's cooking skills were unanimously recognized by the guests.

Song Yiran officially reported to Chu Ting as an employee. Chu Ting arranged for him to be in charge of all the firefighting and sanitation in the store, and Song Yiran readily agreed.

Boris went to the hospital to see Xiao Yu. He was not angry that Blue hit him. Before, he always felt that the world was unfair to him, but since he learned about the past, he realized that he was wrong. As a mentor, he should teach him more The way Xiaoyu gets along with the world, it's a pity that he doesn't know this lesson himself. When Bruce arrived in the ward, he wanted to yell at Boris. Boris left the dessert to Xiaoyu, saying that he wanted to teach her to make it when she entered the finals, but I was sorry that there was no chance. After Boris left, Bruce wanted to throw it away. Drop the dessert, Xiao Yu asked him to bring it to himself.

Elise released an announcement in Yuxuan, announcing Jiang Qianfan's blindness. The chefs were talking about it, and Damai was emotional. He believed that Jiang Qianfan would survive as before. At this time, Huang Shi and Mrs. Quentin were drinking tea and chatting, which was very comfortable.

Elise told everyone at the meeting that the problem Yuxuan is facing now is not whether to get three Michelin stars, but survival and destruction. She hopes that everyone will overcome the difficulties together and wait for Mr. Jiang to return to the kitchen as soon as possible. If you are willing to stay, Yu Xuan is very grateful, and if you want to leave, it is not reluctant.

Ke Song's father learned that Xiao Yu's appetite was getting better and better after eating his own dishes. He couldn't be proud. They were discussing to prepare a welcome feast for Xiao Yu. Suddenly, they saw the report of Jiang Qianfan's blindness on TV. Everyone was shocked. Mom quickly Message Croissant to come back. Croissant settled Jiang Qianfan and went to the restaurant.


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