Lin Kesong couldn't sleep. Seeing the recipe for mushroom sauce sent by his father, he was about to try it. Jiang Qianfan also came out, and the two entered the kitchen together.

Xie Junbin and Elise went to the bar to play, and also called Victor. Victor took the stage and sang "Special You" for her sister and Dr. Xie. Elise was in tears.

Croissant tasted the dish he made and it was bland, he must let Jiang Qianfan taste it, and encouraged him to taste it in the next second. Jiang Qianfan is glad that there is an optimistic Croissant around him.

After returning home, Xie Junbin made noodles for the two of them to eat. Victor was picking on the undercooked noodles. Elise had already finished eating. Xie Junbin said goodbye to leave. Victor begged him to stay and sleep on the sofa to watch a blockbuster with him.

Jiang Qianfan taught Ke Song to go to the vegetable market to pick vegetables. After a while, Ke Song, who was gluttonous, went outside to buy custard buns. The boss teased that the two of them were fine, but Ke Song ran away embarrassedly. At this time, Damai called and asked Jiang Qianfan to watch Yuxuan's surveillance at 4:30. Jiang Qianfan called after seeing it, and Damai asked him to meet at Jiexin Park.

Damai bluntly said that he already knew that Jiang Qianfan had lost his sense of taste. He felt that he was similar to Jiang Qianfan before, but his luck was not as good as his. The reason for finding someone to write an article that time was to provoke him and leave Yuxuan logically, but he did not expect Jiang Qianfan to encourage him in public. From that moment on, he knew that the gap between himself and Jiang Qianfan was not only in cooking, but also in life. He hoped that Jiang Qianfan would understand that he was not alone. The entire Yuxuan was his family. If there was any difficulty, everyone could help him. Jiang Qianfan was grateful to Damai for his understanding, and Damai reminded him to be careful about Boris. After he left, Lin Kesong felt that Damai was willing to help him because he admired Jiang Qianfan from the bottom of his heart. Jiang Qianfan was sensitively aware that he could no longer hide it.

Victor asked Xie Junbin why some people are not interested in the dishes they cook? Xie Junbin laughed that he must have met a girl who was excited. He pointed out that Victor had a particularly high talent for cooking, but the polishing of cooking requires diligent practice. Skills are never the core, but emotions. Everyone must have a dish that belongs to their hearts. Victor laughed and said that her sister is very precious to Dr. Xie.

When the apprentices were eating, they thought of Victor's food, and felt that Sister K was too harsh on others. When Sister K learned that they were so greedy, their parents never reprimanded them, and they felt envious. Ke Song received a call from his uncle and learned that he had a back injury. Xiao Yu didn't answer the phone and was about to rush over immediately. Jiang Qianfan suggested that it would be more appropriate for him to help. Ke Song was overjoyed.

Jiang Qianfan's fried dishes were very popular with the guests. The chefs reported to Lin Feng that Mr. Jiang's cooking was amazing. Lin Feng was so happy that he told them to secretly follow along and learn some art, and they couldn't let others help him by brewing tea. Seeing the diners compliment the dishes he made, Jiang Qianfan was full of happiness.

Huangshi spent Bruce to buy popsicles, and then called Mrs. Quentin to ask if she could come back tomorrow or the day after. Unexpectedly, Mrs. Quentin had already arrived at the door of his store. Huangshi was surprised and happy, and hurried out to greet her.

Song Yiran rode a shared bicycle to class, but unexpectedly found that Chu Ting also signed up for that training class. After class, he asked Chu Ting some questions and found that she was actually a scholar.

Xiaoyu came back to see his father and Jiang Qianfan drinking tea. He was a little embarrassed to learn that they had helped a lot today. Lin Feng asked Xiaoyu to make fried rice, and he enthusiastically stayed with Mr. Jiang to eat before leaving. .


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